Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UCLA discounting tuition to $65/class making higher education more affordable!

Of course to receive this benefit you need to be an illegal alien and qualify for education benefits under California's DREAM Act!

So if you are one of those home-grown middle class parents the politicians of the Democrat Party claim to represent and are struggling to pay for college, this program should serve as a reminder that the Left has an agenda that may not actually serve your needs.

“...This is the first national program specifically geared toward DREAM Act students,” Kent Wong, director of UCLA’s Labor College, told LA Weekly on Wednesday. “It’s not easy for DREAM Act students to attend college.”

Wong went on to enumerate the difficulties illegals face in obtaining a state-sponsored education.

“There are particular experiences and challenges they face as undocumented that other students don't face,” he continued. “[M]any have to take off quarters to work. Many have to work in the underground economy to save money to go to school. Many have to commute two, three hours to go to UCLA...”

And how are these issues different from those facing so many of the high school students that will be graduating?

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