Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two pictures that define Barack Obama and one that defines a leader! (Video)

What does it say about a leader when that leader can never speak from his heart?

What does it say about a man, any man leader or not, who regardless of event, occasion or venue must be scripted?

This can truly only occur when that speaker is unsure of the facts or more accurately unsure about what it is that he actually feels or believes about a person(s), situation or crisis.

Barack Obama is such a man!

In reality the American people, US allies and US enemies really only get to know the real President Obama in those rare moments when he is either speaking off the cuff (as in the you didn't build that speech) or when he believes he is speaking in private (as in the tell Vladimir that I will have more leeway after the election conversation).

With that he remains the darling of the mainstream media and his liberal base.

At the same time the Left and MSM loves to disparage former President George W. Bush.

The fact of the matter, however, is that we always knew where President Bush stood on the issues or any topic because he always spoke and acted from his heart and said what he meant and meant what he said.

Take his speech from Ground Zero when he spoke to a nation and to the world.

Would or could Barack Obama have brought a nation together that day? Or would President Obama, as he has done throughout this campaign, sought instead to divide the country?

The simple difference between the two? George W. Bush was a leader! Barack Obama is not!

Picture Gallery: Two very different leaders in action!

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