Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top 10 List: Can you name that Barack Obama T.V. show?

While it's understood that Barack Obama loves to be on the airwaves to provide viewers with repetitious and empty rhetoric, if he had his own show what would it be named?

Here is a list of some great choices from the trending on Twitter #ObamaTVShows! A few of them may unfortunately require that you be as old as I am but I think you'll get the gist anyway!

Feel free to add any of your own (and please try to keep them PG-13).
  1. "Whose Sixteen Trillion Dollar Deficit Is It Anyway?"
  2. "Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers"
  3. "Extreme Makeover: Constitution Edition"
  4. "Who Wants To Hate A Millionaire?"
  5. "Czar 54, Where are You?"
  6. "The Unemployment Office"
  7. "Foreclosed House on the Prairie"
  8. "My Favorite Marxist"
  9. "I Love Me"
  10. "American Idle"
Honorable Mention:

- "America's Got Trouble"
- "Everybody Loves Ramadan"

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