Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Obama administration "flea-market" has exactly what you're looking for!

They like me, they really, really like me! After all clothing doesn't  lie!

If you're looking for that certain special Chatskis (or dust collector) for your home, office, friend or loved one has the Obama campaign got a deal for you!

For an administration that has offered nothing but schlock in terms of performance to the American people throughout its first three and a half years in power, why not further degrade the office with a tag sale of items available to be purchased for fundraising purposes?

The Obama campaign has already offered you the ability to donate your birthday, wedding and Bar Mitzvah gifts along with the chance to have your picture taken with the President.

But if those aren't enough here's an additional list of items you can buy to keep around the house and use that will remind you of our Great Leader (full disclosure the RomneyRyan2012 campaign has some items for sale as well only slightly more tasteful and in much less bulk).

Some more of the Obama fundraising items for sale!
For those with jobs who can still afford hamburgers!
For women who are job hunting a place to store nail polish!
After a tough day pounding the pavement looking for work relax with a soy candle!
Who said liberals didn't have a sense of humor?
Because every ethnic and religious group needs to have their own shirt! 
See what I mean?

Didn't find what you were looking for? There are more choices available for inspection here.

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