Saturday, August 11, 2012

R and R means more than RomneyRyan2012!

Update 9:10 AM August 11, 2012: The pick of Rep. Paul Ryan as the vice presidential running-mate on the Republican ticket is now official!

AP photo
Paul Ryan reported to be selected as Romney running-mate with an official announcement being made at 9:00AM!

But, R and R can stand for many things!

It's been reported that Mitt Romney is going to select Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running-mate in the 2012 presidential election.

While R and R of course stands for for Romney and Ryan, an extremely formidable ticket, and for phrases like rest and relaxation, it also stands for risk reward which is certainly appropriate with this pick by the Romney camp!

Where is the risk? Ryan is a bold choice who will energize conservatives but at the same time offer ammunition to an Obama campaign machine that is waging a gutter fight rather than a political campaign.

It's been one filled with lies and innuendo rather than a discussion of the incumbents policy, his future plans for the country and an explanation for his documented dismal record in office.

Why is it that the President and his minions are using this strategy? Because it's their only chance for winning and we can be confident in the fact that this tactic will be ratcheted up as election day approaches!

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