Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama's America: Long Island, New York update

A Long Island, New York update to the article "Cartoon: A day in the life of Obama's America"!

An article this morning in New York Newsday provided a dose of real life under the reign of Barack Obama and offered a clear reminder of what four more years of his administration would mean for the United States and the people on "Main Street"!

While we know that food stamp use has soared to records under the Obama administration thanks in no small part to his mishandling of the economy and stimulus funds, these are some statistics from Long Island, New York:

“Food stamp enrollment on Long Island has doubled since the start of the recession, and recipients and advocates fear the impact of budget cuts under consideration in Congress.

With nearly 178,000 Nassau and Suffolk residents receiving food stamps, local advocates say any cuts should be delayed until the economy rebounds. However, both the House and Senate appear poised to approve some level of cuts to the $80-billion-a-year federal program. Last year, New York accounted for $5.3 billion of the total…

…Food stamp enrollment on Long Island has more than doubled since 2007, just before the recession began. As of May, there were 111,065 food stamp recipients in Suffolk, up from 40,800 at the end of 2007.  Nassau has 66,682 recipients, compared with 27,700 six years ago…” (Source)

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