Monday, August 6, 2012

A talking horse? Is that really what this election is all about? (Video)

Those who can do while those who can't become stone throwing partisan political hacks who live in glass houses that are well protected by an army known as the mainstream media!

First let's clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings right now so that we can get to the heart of the matter. Mitt Romney is rich. Very rich.

He ran a successful business and accumulated a lot of money. He achieved what used to be the considered American dream which is working hard, doing it by using the laws as they appear on the books, innovating, taking risks and investing sweat equity to create or improve something that on its own may have failed.

Along the way Mitt Romney has enjoyed some of the benefits of wealth that most Americans in the same position would enjoy as well. We're talking about multiple big houses, fancy trips, nice clothes, nice cars etc.

These luxuries represent some of the same things that big dollar lottery winners enjoy only they achieved it through luck and government sponsored gambling rather than through the traditional method of good old-fashion hard work.

So do these trappings of upper-class style living represent the "crimes" of Mitt Romney as so many in the media and in Washington would like the voting public to believe? And is this subject of personal wealth going to be the centerpiece of Barack Obama's campaign they hope will be the delineating factor that will drive the American people back into the arms of the incumbent in November?

Or more likely is the real issue here not business or financial success but merely a slick campaign tactic undoubtedly approved and definitely promoted by the President that's designed to invoke a feeling in the American people of jealousy and hatred directed towards another candidate because of that candidates achieved success and then create an environment in the country that pits the haves against have-nots?

The answer to this question is crystal clear as we read and listen to this rhetoric on a daily basis from both the MSM and the Obama campaign!

A larger question for the American people is really who gives a crap about politician wealth? Most of those serving in Washington are wealthy as well. The obvious answer of course are other wealthy politicians like Harry Reid who appear to have earned their wealth in much more opaque ways! 

So should politicians in glass houses like Reid be in any position to throw stones? Won't they be vilified in the press for making accusations on the one hand while having somewhat questionable dealings on the other?

Certainly not in the majority of the press of course as the so-called mainstream media outlets carry the water of the Democrat Party and will do whatever it takes to tear down Romney and give Obama a free pass for all of his failures since having been in office as well as any other questionable issues from before that time.

Explain to me, if it's even possible to do so, how the wealth of Mitt Romney is THE ISSUE of this campaign while the past of Barack Obama and his lack of any success in office both domestically and internationally, failure that will someday be the stuff of political science studies, are rarely mentioned?

Then show me the rare politician in Washington who isn't filthy rich (see Congressional net worth statistics here) and explore some of the non-traditional ways some have accumulated that wealth.

According to the traditional methods of hard work, risk taking and innovation? Words that in our entitlement society are considered four letters?

Words that in the long-run are what make capitalism work?

Or, have some politicians, even those who decry Mitt Romney and his success with the loudest voices, earned their wealth through hazier, more uncertain ways that entailed a methodology involving less hard work and more using position and power as a tool to acquire the finer things in life.

Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is one of the more verbose anti-Romney provocateurs yet has accumulated a great deal of wealth having worked as a career politician.

How is it possible to acquire great sums of money on a government salary and why isn't this question of how more of a story in the MSM?

Why no stories about the hypocrisy of someone like Reid?

Consider this one story but know that for Reid and so many other politicians this story represents only the tip of the iceberg!

Then why don't we get back to the only true issue of this campaign for president which is who stands a better chance of putting the United States back on track? A candidate with a proven and documentable record of failure (Barack Obama) or one with a background of proven success (Mitt Romney).

The answer my friends is very, very clear!


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