Friday, August 17, 2012

Michelle Obama should check this map out and get back to work! (Video)

FLOTUS and childhood obesity

Much like her husband who has failed at his job as POTUS, from this map on weight in the U.S. it looks like Michelle Obama hasn't done her chosen job of fighting obesity very well either!

While it's true the First Lady's focus is more on obesity in children rather than adults, there is a loose correlation between obese adults having obese children.

"A child with two fat parents has an 80% chance of being fat as an adult; the risk is cut in half if only one parent is obese. By contrast a child of two normal-weight parents has a 14% chance of growing up to be fat." (Source)

For the record the winning (losing) state with the highest obesity rate among adults? Mississippi coming at at 34.9%!

The state with the lowest reported obesity rate? Colorado at 20.7%!

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