Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is Egypt restoring ties with Iran part of the Obama endgame in the Middle East?

What's the Obama endgame in the Middle East?

Question: Why are the foreign policy/national security failures of the Obama administration not a bigger part of the Campaign 2012 dialogue?

Answer: Because it doen't fit the desired narrative of either the Obama administration or the mainstream media that serves as the cheerleading section for the Democrat Party.

The headline: New Egyptian President and member of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi said to travel to Iran for the Non-Aligned Movement meetings August 30th.

There it is rumored he will be pursuing the restoration of relations with Tehran.

Morsi you will remember, assumed power in Egypt thanks in no small part to President Obama's insistence that Hosni Mubarak, a friend to both Israel and the United States, step down during what Obama called the democracy starved "Arab Spring" uprisings.

The offshoot has been a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the once friendly Egyptian government and a complete breakdown in what had been tolerant relations between Israel and Egypt under Mubarak.

And now we see the potential for a rekindling of relations between Egypt and Iran?

Iran of course is led by one Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who just last week issued the following statement: "The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity."

How many newspapers headlines or T.V. newscasts have you seen or heard that brought up anything having to do with Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood government there, Iran or Obama administration foreign policy that has brought us to the current place in the Middle East?

My guess is that the answer is very few because to reiterate part of the problem with the political process as it stands in the United States is that such a story simply does not fit the narrative that the MSM wants to put forth about either Obama or the campaign!

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