Saturday, August 18, 2012

I am going to vote for ObamaBiden2012 because...

Romney versus Obama
Just kidding because of course I woud never vote for Barack Obama or Joe Biden and neither should anyone else! 

This is NOT only because I am a member of a different political party but because it's what is best for the country!

Now for those of you leaning in the direction of an Obama/Biden ticket you need to consider the following:
  • On election day voters need to remember that it's not about being a Democrat, a Republican, a liberal or a conservative,
  • It's not about being an incumbent with a bully pulpit and having political allies who are willing to do and say anything in order to get you a second-term in the White House,
  • It's not about airing vicious ads that tell half-truths and outright lies about Mitt Romney. 
No, in actuality a decision about whether to cast your vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in November is about the following and more...
  • It's about a documentable Obama record in office that voters need to examine, and I mean really examine, by looking through the fluff, smoke and mirrors and rhetoric that's designed to deflect, distract and move the conversation away from the real issues which is an administration that has failed,
  • It's about radical Obama ideas for the economic direction of the country that are more socialist than capitalist and a radical past that remains a relative unknown,
  • It's about a President who is divisive rather than inclusive and who believes in the idea of pitting one American against another solely to try and achieve political gain,
  • It's about President Obama having allowed our enemies to get stronger while doing everything within his power to make America weaker,  
  • It's about the willingness of Barack Obama to use the Executive Order to get what he wants by effectively bypassing the system of government established by the Founders with its checks and balances that have helped to make this country great (Note: Since 1789, US presidents ("the executive") have issued directives that are now known as executive orders. These are legally binding directives to federal administrative agencies. Executive orders are generally used to direct federal agencies and officials as their agencies implement congressionally-established law. However, executive orders may be controversial if the President is acting counter to real or perceived legislative intent.) (Source),
  • It's about asking yourself what type of Executive Orders a radical lame-duck President who has an unknown agenda for the country will be ready, willing and able to sign during a 2nd-term.
But, at the end-of-the-day, what this presidential election is REALLY all about is simply being an American and casting your vote not for political ideology but for what is best for the United States and the future of your kids and grandchildren!

Now after that if your are still considering a vote for the ObamaBiden2012 team consider the following:

From an anonymous email I received think about these things when you are about to pull the lever or slide your ballot through the digital reader: 
  1. Catholics who might still vote for Obama/Biden even though they are forcing the Catholic Church to pay for abortion!
  2. Jews who might still vote for Obama/Biden even though they have not stopped Iran's nuclear capability and their "balanced" Mid-East policy did not include ANY visit to Israel!
  3. Doctors who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though ObamaCare includes 127 government committees and boards, all  made up of government bureaucrats who will run our healthcare system!
  4. Wall Street'ers, bankers, small business owners and insurance brokers, who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though they have not only vilified your professions, but have introduced  totally inappropriate, cumbersome, and non-workable sets of new rules, regulations, taxes and fees!
  5. African-Americans and Latinos, who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though their policies have resulted in a 12% unemployment rate and a 20% underemployed rate within your own groups!! And, finally,
  6. Everyone else who still may vote for Obama/Biden, in spite of  their policies which, after 4 years, still have resulted in a 17 Trillion dollar deficit, a  8.3% unemployment rate,  a 1.2 % GDP, our homes losing more of its equity , a "permanent" unemployed, welfare-dependent and entitlement generation,  and watched as we lost our place as the leader of the free world ?
      After reading the following, I want you to explain to me, how anyone can still be undecided...

The current  administration spent $1.26 BILLION DOLLARS ( yes, 1.26 Billion) funding lithium-ion technology and the advanced battery companies!

They watched, always excusing their failing balance sheets, as GM only sold 10,000 Volts and Nissan sold only 3,500 of their electric model after Obama/Biden projected a goal of ONE MILLION vehicles to be sold!
Never mind  that there was no market for Obama's car of the future! Forget the high cost, the length of recharging time, the limited public charging stations, the fires occurring in their batteries!
Compared to what happened last month, the previous 2 years of failure was inconsequential!  Now, It is  really scandalous!
So, get ready for this one:
Using the interest that Obama paid them through the sale of U.S. Treasury Bonds, China-owned, Wanxiang Group Corp. actually BOUGHT A123 Systems Inc., the leading American company developing and manufacturing  advanced batteries for electric vehicles!
You heard me right!!  Using our own money, U.S. DOLLARS, the  Chinese government now owns all of this "intellectual property, the most advanced scientific material on the planet !!

Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden??
85 days to make up your mind !!

Source: Anonymous email tip
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