Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey Leon, your Iranian policy is a complete and utter failure! Now what?

Panetta and Barak in Israel

While the Obama administration continues to speak softly while carrying no stick concerning the nuclear ambitions of Iran, Israel is rightfully running out of time and patience!

We've heard it all so many times before whether it's been from President Obama or in a communique out of the United Nations Security Council: Diplomacy and sanctions! Sanctions and diplomacy!

Any way you write these words that encompass the foreign and national security policy of the Obama administration concerning Iran the results come out the same.

Utter failure! This fact has been proven year after year while the Iranian's march ever closer to nuclear weapons and a means to deliver them. It almost makes one wonder about just what the endgame of Barack Obama is, but I digress.

Said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently while standing next to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu,

"...I want to reassert again the position of the United States that with regards to Iran, we will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. Period," the Pentagon chief said. "We will not allow them to develop a nuclear weapon. And we will exert all options in the effort to ensure that that does not happen."

Panetta argued that all non-military means of pressuring Iran must first be exhausted before military action is called for. He said repeatedly that Washington still considers military action an option for the future..." (Source)

What Netanyahu actually heard was "blah, blah, blah" because he has heard it all so many times before.

From the American Enterprise Institute, this is an interview with Ahmad Majidyar giving an excellant assessment of this situation in the Middle East:

"How likely does the soonest war of the west against Iran seem to you given the ‘last prewar council’ held by the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic A.Hamenei last week?

I don’t know whether or not the news story is accurate. But I think an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities is now more likely than any time in the past, and the Iranian leaders understand this.

This is because all diplomatic efforts to persuade Iran to halt its controversial nuclear program have produced no results. The recent talks between Iran and the 5+1 Group in Baghdad and Moscow largely failed. While economic sanctions have had a real impact on Iran’s economy, they have so far failed to force Iran to stop its nuclear activity. Moreover, there is no sign of strong internal opposition inside Iran that could topple the current regime.

Thus, with no alternative solution in sight and Iran’s nuclear enrichment continuing apace, Israeli leaders may any time opt for a military strike as the only option to delay the Iranian race toward a nuclear bomb..."

Read the rest of the article at AEI here.

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