Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Help Project Veritas send a "shovel-ready jobs" message to The White House!

We're all aware of just how big a failure the Obama administration has been in the area of jobs creation!

They have expanded our deficit trillions of dollars and the unemployment rate officially stands at 8.2% while the actual rate is much higher, well into the double digits.

Interest rates are near 0% and with all of that the economic growth in the country as measured by GDP is running at the paltry annual rate of about 1.5%!

On-the-other hand we also know how successful Project Veritas has been in exposing administration issues in areas such as voter fraud and the "creation" of Green Jobs.

Must see video: Project Veritas exposes the B.S. behind so many Green "jobs"! 

Must watch Video: The road to voter fraud caught on hidden camera in the Vermont primary! 

Now help Project Veritas send a message to Washington by helping them deliver a bag of dirt representing a "Shovel-Ready Job" to The White House!

Visit to learn more.

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