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Do bankers and class warfare in the U.S. = immigrants and racism in Greece?

If nothing is done and the status quo across Washington remains after November then the face of the economic and social reality currently being experienced in places like Greece could become our reality!

That risk becomes much more real if Barack Obama, architect of the Unite States soon to be $16 trillion deficit, is given a second-term in the White House.

Despite the his rhetoric of pander and promise and certainly his words of blame aimed in every direction but his own, this President and his Party have only one goal and that is the retention of power at all costs.

What this means is regardless of the cost to future generations there is no amount of money they would not spend in a power grab to try and assure that elections will be won by the Left today and into the future. Instituting any spending and/or entitlement reform will never be on their agenda!

In addition to the financial piece, to try and achieve their desired ends they will have no problem using any means at their disposal including attempts to try and divide the country and pit one American against another.

This was evident on a small scale during the Occupy Wall Street protests when the President, Nancy Pelosi and others on the Left parroted the mantra designed to pit the supposed 99% have-nots against the so-called 1% haves.

In the process they attacked the idea of hard work, innovation, risk taking, the use of sweat equity, vilified success and instead spoke of shared sacrifice and economic equality.

The problem of course with all of these free spending policies is that there has never been a free lunch and at some point under this type of Democrat control the nation has the potential to financially collapse in on itself.

Causes could be many including the value of the dollar being destroyed or the U.S. Treasury no longer being able to find buyers willing to subsidize our deficit spending at affordable terms!

Under this scenario certainly the financial cost to the U.S. would be devastating but, as they are currently experiencing in Greece, so will the social costs.

In the paragraph hi-lighted in red below replacing words racism, immigrants and xenophobia with class warfare, "millionaires and billionaires" and Wall Street bankers makes it sound as if the Left in this country was trying to accomplish with OWS the same type of diversion away from failed economic policies the government in Greece is attempting to do now.

Desperation and economic crisis breeds unrest and blame. Unrest and blame typically develops into violence and allows marginal players usually confined to the fringe to assume more power and to attract more followers. Somewhat reminiscent of what happened when the Nazi's seized control in Germany, but a modern day example could also be Greece (or what happened recently at MSU).

Golden Dawn in Greece gains traction! 

Remember this incredibly surprising result from the Greek elections back in May, 2012?

"The Greece election results, besides throwing the financial bailout of the country into doubt, included an alarmingly strong performance by a party that goes by the name Golden Dawn. This anti-immigration and anti-austerity political movement was projected to have taken 7% of the vote. This compares to .29% of the vote this radical party won in 2009.

Said the leader of Golden Dawn,"The day of national revolution by the Greeks has begun against those who are selling us out and looting the sweat of the Greek people." Golden Dawn members typically wear black, display an emblem similar to the Nazi insignia and are are extremely anti-immigrant. Television ads run by the group during the campaign referred to immigrants saying, "let's rid the country of this stench." (Source)

Marginal players using the economic angst of a country to gain a foothold in government! And now?

"…Whipping up racism has become a strategy for diverting an embittered nation's attention away from the government and public spending crisis. Like many flagging centre-right administrations, the New Democracy coalition is mimicking the language of far-right extremists, pandering to rather than pacifying public xenophobia. With Dendias's support, the police are rounding up immigrants, arresting and deporting thousands in raids across Athens and nearby cities – a programme named, with no apparent irony, after Zeus Xenios, the Greek God of hospitality.

Golden Dawn's surge in popularity and confidence did not come from nowhere. The party has been active for decades, but four years ago, before the first wave of austerity cuts in Greece, it was regarded as something of a joke. This summer, with its party at the table in parliament, members of Golden Dawn are setting up "Greeks only" supermarkets and distributing food parcels to the unemployed in Syntagma Square – but only for "real Greeks".

The left does not need to point to the historic correlation between imposed economic austerity and the rise of fascism: Golden Dawn is making that link explicit, celebrating it. But simple willingness to capitalise on public anger will never, in any nation, make racist thugs the voice of the people.

As with many fascist groups, Golden Dawn claims to represent the marginalised working class. Like far-right groups across Europe – including the English Defence League and the new British Freedom Party – Golden Dawn declares itself the enemy of a bankrupt democratic system, exploiting for its own ends popular anger against neoliberal economic mismanagement. However, although it professes to stand against austerity, it has no economic project: its tactics are simply violent, divisive and nauseatingly racist. And the governments of Greece and Europe seem willing to tolerate this as the social cost of an ongoing austerity consensus..." (Source)

Remember in November that if you are considering a vote for Barack Obama or a Democrat congressman or senator that while fixing the problems in the U.S. may be painful, not fixing the problem can potentially be catastrophic!

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