Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Republican Jew from New York's story on growing up Democrat!

New York to Obama in November is a foregone conclusion right?

This is most likely an accurate statement due in no small part to the cradle-to-grave affinity that Jews have for the Democrat Party.

Jews voting Democrat is a tradition that's passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter because the Democrat Party has craftily positioned itself as the Party of tolerance, of the poor, of the downtrodden and protector of all races, ethnicities and religions.

At the same time the Left portrays the Republican Party as the party of the elitist rich that's exclusionary rather than inclusionary.

In actuality the reverse is basically true but as the saying goes marketing and image is everything!

The greater point here is that the membership and ideology of no political party can be painted with a broad brush and that in truth each candidate needs to be closely inspected for who they are and what they actually stand for or in some cases don't stand for.

In the 2012 presidential election those who follow Barack Obama with blind faith because of his party affiliation and mostly empty rhetoric would be wise to heed this cautionary advice not only for the good of themselves but also for the good of the United States.

Liberal Wall of Shame!

Take a look at some of the worst liberal offenders who are often considered fine examples of those who  unite and tolerate, some of whom are still active preaching divisiveness and class warfare.

Not on the list below but of course an honorary member is one President Barack Obama. His 20-year + relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright speaks for itself which includes the award presented by Obama friend and mentor Wright to Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan!

Some of the most prominent and notorious hate-mongers from the Left include but are not limited to...

  • Hugo Black (KKK)
  • Senator Robert Byrd (KKK rising to the rank of Kleagle), 
  • Senator Ernest Hollings (segregationist), 
  • Jesse Jackson (who can forget Hymietown), 
  • Al Sharpton (Tawana Brawley and the 1991 Crown heights race riots), 
  • Dick Gebhardt (speaking before the Metro South Citizens Council in St. Louis), 
  • Opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act including the aforementioned Robert Byrd, Clinton mentor J. William Fulbright,  Al Gore, Sr., Sam Ervin etc. 

These are men who have somehow overcome the taint of these socially deviant proclivities to become liberal icons. (Source)

The bottom-line is that when someone tells you that they're not happy with Obama but that they can't vote for Romney because he is a Republican tell them to look past the Democrat talking points and really look at who and what each candidate is, what they stand for and what they want for America's future.

If they do that, and I mean really do that, then the choice in November will be clear.

Unfortunately most Americans will give more thought to the soup they are going to order at dinner than  about who they will vote for to be the next President of the United States!

Now on to the story of a man who overcame his environmental bias to determine his own destiny.

"A Turning Point" written by an Anonymous New York Jew

Growing up, I had never met anyone who wasn't a Liberal-Democrat. This included my  entire family, everyone on my block in Brooklyn, all my parent's friends and all of our relatives. WOW!!

    But, at the age of 14, we moved to Forest Hills, and I got a job as a babysitter, working for a young couple "upstairs", who owned their own business.  Unheard of !!

They were the first people I had ever met, who didn't "work for the city" !!

   Guess what. ? They were Republicans!  But, according to my parents, "they were very nice people anyway ".

     In 1962 I entered NYU Dental School, we got married, moved into the city,  and Judy taught third grade on the lower Eastside. For the first time in my life, we saw a segment of society that I had never met before : "welfare" people !  The families were "hidden"  in certain areas of town, but the schools were rapidly being filled-with their children.

      It was 1963, and what I didn't know then, but I certainly know now, is that welfare, which my parents had preached as a necessary, temporary,  safety net for those who truly needed help, had been transformed into a permanent, underclass of dependent people who appeared to be rather "comfortable" being subsidized by this program.

     We all know the escalation  of entitlements, not only in their cost  but how it changed our society forever. The mantra became "Why should I work, when I make as much money on welfare?"  What used to be a humiliation to be "on the dole", became an accepted way of life!

    But,then, in 1996, only after Democrat Bill Clinton had vetoed welfare reform three times, did the Republican Congress and the American people continue to press for reform. President Clinton realized  that his reelection depended on it, and this legislation finally passed.
    The Democrats went ballistic. The NY Times predicted that children  would be "dying in the streets"! All because a federal law was passed that mandated that at least one half of all adult welfare recipients had to be involved in "work activities" which could be actual jobs, education or training programs.

    The Liberals were flabbergasted with what happened!  Within three years, The U.S. Government estimated that not only were  4.7 million Americans removed from the welfare rolls and the federal welfare caseload declined 54% between 1996 and 2004 but there was a profound  beneficial effect on their family structure.

    But, the Progressives never let results stand in their way of creating a permanent subculture of  dependent people.

    So it was no surprise to anyone, when Barack Obama , on July 12, unilaterally removed the federally mandated  work requirements  for welfare recipients.

        I never thought I would ever say that European Socialism has taken over the American culture !! But after 4 years under this President, nothing surprises me any more . 

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