Sunday, August 26, 2012

150 nations expected at 16th Non-Aligned Summit in Tehran, Iran! How's that for isolation?

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This Summit is testament to the farce that is Obama administration foreign policy as Iran welcomes 150 nations to the 16th Non-Aligned Summit in Tehran!

High on the list of attendees is #35 below, Egypt, home of the "Arab Spring," the recent recipient of billions in military aid from the Obama administration and a new "democratic" nation that has a newly installed government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Caution: A word of warning to the voting age public in the United States is that if Barack Obama gets four more years in the White House based only on this ONE example of weakening the country and emboldening our enemies, who knows what will be left when he is finished!

Therefore, while the conversation for Election2012 centers on Obama excuses for the weak economy, a lack of jobs and Democrat Party fear mongering over much needed entitlement reform, remember that there is a big world out there that the Obama administration has ignored for the past four years.

A world that poses as much risk to the United States as anything domestic!

The 16th Non-Aligned Summit!

Western diplomats have sought to downplay the importance of the summit and the start of Iran's three-year presidency of NAM, a body set up in 1961 to counter big power domination of international relations.

But 80 countries are participating in the summit at the level of minister or higher, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said, with 50 sending their heads of government.

And the expected attendance of big players including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Egypt's new president, Mohammad Morsi - the first Egyptian leader to visit Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution - will give the meeting diplomatic heft. (Source)

With these attendees expected plus some others, the term "Iranian isolation" is nothing but another Obama campaign slogan not based in any reality and with no meat on the bone!

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