Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Jews should NOT vote for Obama! (Plus bonus Rice and Romney spoof Tonight Show video)

Spoof Tonight Show ad!

Obama and the Jews!

An April, 2012 article at TPC, "Jews for Obama 2012? Are you f@*%#&g kidding me?" expressed my amazement at the fact that Jews are still polling as likely to be voting in majority for Barack Obama in November 2012!

This is a comment that I received today at that article explaining why that may be the case and that needed to be shared:

"I think the Republicans have done a terrible job in promoting their cause and defending themselves against the DEMS .. The Dems sell themselves as defenders for the poor .. so not true the k.k Kay was started by the Dems; I would call what they do for the sake of the poor is nothing more than modern day slavery.. keep them down and dependent on them all for the sake of the vote. Republicans are about EVERYONE being self reliant and succeeding in their own right they believe in Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL not just a few. And it’s a proven fact that Republicans are more generous than Dems when it comes to donating to the needy. Why the Republican allow the focus to be on Social Issues when they should focus on JOBS and ECONOMY is beyond me .. the Dems are smart at diverting and distracting from the real issues, the GOP should learn from them on this tactic. However with all that said the Republican party isn’t’ what it used to be either they have lost their way and that is why I am an independent and hope in the next election that more and more FISCALLY conservatives get elected, REGAURDLESS what party they are on … All I know for sure is OBAMA must go and anyone who votes for him of Jewish Faith are idiots .. If they can’t stomach voting for Romney just don’t vote at all that will speak volumes to their party."

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