Friday, July 27, 2012

Video: "Didn't build that" is Obama rhetoric that Americans can finally believe in and trust!

Believe in and trust that at least this once, no matter how wrong his words were, that these were actually words from the Presidents core beliefs about the role of government and about the ability of the people of the United States to achieve success without its help!

President Obama lives on rhetoric. He campaigns on rhetoric, makes promises using worthless rhetoric, criticizes the success of his election opponent through rhetoric and blames others for his failures through rhetoric.

When he uttered his "Didn't build that" rhetoric it was made off the cuff and without the use of the pre-scripted thoughts of a campaign speechwriter appearing on a teleprompter, the American people finally heard words that came from the Presidents heart.

Words that tell the American people what Barack Obama really believes. Words that cannot be walked back simply because the President and his people don't like the feedback that they are getting.

The President needs to "man up" and take credit for what he said, how he said it and for what he truly believes. That's what leaders do!

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