Monday, July 16, 2012

The unmitigated gall of Barack Obama!

He's a foreign policy failure, US economy failure, uniting of America failure and a rhetorical purveyor of epic proportions!

His foreign policy failings are legend although mostly ignored by the electorate and the mainstream media.

The unemployment rate in the country continues to chug along above 8% with record numbers of Americans on public assistance after Obama's watch began.

Now Obama and his campaign have the unmitigated gall to dwell on the smokescreen that is Mitt Romney's business experience which Barack Obama is exempt from as he has no business experience to castigate.

The topper, however, that leads me to this brief rant is listening to the fact that Barack Obama and his team demand transparency from Mitt Romney when the President has consistently refused to provide any himself on any number of fronts.

In addition they ask Mitt Romney to take responsibility for any actions he may or may not have been responsible for at Bain, because according to them that is what leaders do! And they are correct in that assessment!

The irony of this cannot be overstated, however, as Barack Obama in his tenure as POTUS has consistently refused to take responsibility for anything that he has "accomplished" instead choosing to blame anything and everything else under the sun for his failures.

All under the watchful and complicit eye of the MSM who so desperately wants to do whatever it can to help this President get reelected!

Perhaps the President should take some of his own advice instead of merely reading whatever is put in front of him on the teleprompter!

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