Thursday, July 26, 2012

Help Wanted: Underachieving attorney needed for less-than-challenging legal work!

Who said that there are no law jobs out there? 

If you are newly admitted to the Bar (Pa. I assume) or perhaps an attorney who was recently laid off due to the Chapter 11 filing by the firm Dewey & Leboeuf, here's a potential opportunity for you!

This is an ad from Craigslist posted in the Pittsburgh region that may help to explain why some of the activities within the legal system in the U.S. need to be monitored and possibly addressed.

"We are a collection agency/debt buyer. What we are looking for is a part time attorney to work for us as our corporate counsel, on our payroll, about 5 to 6 hours a week. This is a short term employment arrangement, no longer than 90 to 120 days.

Your job will be to sign pleadings, praecipe for entry of appearances, praecipe for writ of execution, and garnishment orders. Our paralegal will prepare all paperwork for your signature. This is very standard stuff for us.

If you are an attorney looking for challenging legal work, this is not for you. WE DO NOT NEED F LEE BAILEY- we are fee shopping. If you passed your boards with a D+, and you can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job. If this opportunity interests you, please feel free to reply to this email with a brief description of who you are, when you got your law license, and what you will be needing from us in the way of compensation."

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