Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday cartoon: The Obama misdirection play!

You can fool fool people for only so long Mr. President!

Barack Obama likes to talk in extremely negative terms about the business record of Mitt Romney.

Is this just election year politics as usual or is this, as I would suspect, because Barack Obama knows nothing about business or how  private-sector business actually works?

Could it be a rope-a-dope technique designed to take the American publics attention off of the real issue which is his utter failure in office, particularly when it concerns the US economy and jobs?

Or could it simply be political business as usual using the blatant distortions and lies that he utters and that the mainstream media swears too?

When President Obama has the unmitigated gall to say that Mitt Romney can criticize his record because he, Mitt Romney, doesn't have a record of his own to run on does he truly believe that the American people will be fooled by that argument?

This cartoon depicts exactly what the Obama campaign is attempting to do which is to divert attention from this administration's systemic failure that the country cannot endure for another 4 years!


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