Monday, July 23, 2012

Spain a focal point for investors today? Not if you are a TPC reader!

Watching Bloomberg Television this morning it sounds like suddenly "all eyes" are on the crisis occurring with Spain's economy as evidenced by Spanish sovereign debt yields and CDS spreads!

If you are a reader of The Political Commentator, however, "your eyes" have been on the inevitable crisis in Spain and in the rest of the EU PIIGS for some time!

The takeaway as they like to say is that you can either lead the herd or be a follower of the herd.

Unfortunately the economic and financial markets leaders out in front of the herd are wrong at least as often as they are right, escaping culpability for their mistakes by peppering their commentary with more disclaimers and warnings than a carton of cigarettes!

If you were a TPC reader, here is a link to some of the stories you would have been reading over the past few months:

"About Spain: Don't say you weren't warned!"

Map source

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