Friday, July 13, 2012

Pyramids in Egypt destroyed? Thank you President Obama!

While the country focuses on jobs, jobs, jobs for the November election, DO NOT forget the failure that this President has proven to be in his one true mandate; 

Protecting the country!

Due to his perceived and real weakness as President of the United States, in the past weeks we have seen Russia threaten a first strike reminiscent of Cold War bluster and the Iranians threaten to shut-down the critical Strait of Hormuz!

With that in mind, let's also not forget that the Obama administration is to a large extent responsible for the relative ease with which the "democracy seekers" of the "Arab Spring" in Egypt were able to remove Hosni Mubarak from power for the eventuality of free elections.

Elections that the Muslim Brotherhood, called a secular movement by key members of the Obama administration, promised to stay out of.

Fast forward to the present and low and behold the Muslim Brotherhood ran in and won the free and democratic elections they were supposed to have never been involved in at all!

Now there is noise out of the Muslim leadership in Egypt and elsewhere that the pyramids in that country should be razed as they are "symbols of paganism."

Never happen you say? Never say never as these pictures of glorious and later destroyed religious symbols at the hands of radical Islamists clearly show that such an eventuality is clearly possible!

Taliban in Afghanistan

Timbuktu before

Timbuktu after

This time all they got was the nose

Picture H/T Capitol Commentary

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