Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to be a Mohel..."Keine Beschneidung für euch Juden" redux!

Cologne, Germany is apparently not alone in the desire to ban the sacred tradition in the Jewish faith of circumcision!

Put another way it was never really easy being a Jew in Europe, but if you thought that these were kinder and gentler times, think again!

Back in late June there was a story about a ban on circumcision being imposed in Cologne, Germany, a move which would have had serious religious impact for both Jews and Muslims for whom circumcision is a sacred tradition.

But this proposed ban, were it to be implemented in Germany which is the country that brought us Hitler, the Third Reich and the Holocaust, it would have been a PR nightmare that Angela Merkel was not prepared to endure.

So while it now appears that the German government may have struck down this ban thus allowing circumcision to go on we now have the Swiss, that bastion of faux neutrality during WWII, not willing to let sleeping dogs lie.

Two hospitals there are no longer performing the procedure and it's anyones guess as to where it will progress from there.

What this action by the Swiss may sadly indicate, particularly happening so soon after the end of WWII, is that Jews are still thought of in the same way that they always have been in Europe which is an ominous sign.

"...Whereas in the past those railing against Jewish practices were largely marginal, the court victory legitimized their campaign to drive one of the key principles of Judaism — the Abrahamic covenant that circumcision symbolizes —underground. As with other expressions of Jew-hatred in the current atmosphere in which Israel and its supporters are demonized, it is now possible to be more open with contempt for Judaism and to advocate measures that might have been unthinkable not that long ago.

Moreover, the court placed a doubt in the minds of doctors and others in the medical profession that they would be exposed to penalties for performing the procedure. After the Cologne ruling, the German Medical Association advised doctors to stop their participation in circumcision..." (Source)

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