Wednesday, July 11, 2012

America's issues that are hiding in plain sight!

You may not notice it in the morning papers or the evening news!

You may not hear about it if your programming of choice is shock radio or reality T.V. 

You may not see it in the performance of the stock markets that, although rangebound, have performed fairly well!

But the reality is that there are some serious headwinds and crises that exists both in the United States and around the world that, while not necessarily keeping me up at night, do scare the crap out of me!

Compounding this angst is the realization that as an ordinary citizen I rely on politicians and the public servants that they appoint for the future that my children and grandchildren will hopefully enjoy.

This fact alone, when looking and listening to the garbage coming out of Washington, is frightening enough. When you then couple that with the items on my incomplete list below, it it truly gives one a reason to think!

Perhaps we would all be better off with our heads in the sand because, after all, what can we do about the things anyway?

The reality is that for ordinary citizens there isn't that much we can do other than take advantage of our ability to "throw da bums" out in November and bring in new blood who will hopefully do a better job.

Or, as I try and do in a small way with The Political Commentator, attempt something a little bit extra to try and get the word out that "Change" is definitely needed if the country is going to have a chance to get out of the mess that it currently finds itself in.

Four more years of a "lame duck" Obama well....

An incomplete list of issues: There is "none so blind as those that will not see"! (Matthew Henry)

  • The floundering U.S. economy,
  • Along that same line of thinking a lack of jobs, jobs, jobs,
  • Energy dependence on our enemies,
  • A $15 trillion-plus U.S. deficit being funded currently at historically low interest rates. What do you suppose will happen to the federal budget when interest payments on that debt have to be paid at historically "normal" interest rates,
  • Record numbers of Americans becoming reliant on the government for simple survival,
  • An aging U.S. population with little or no retirement savings coupled with longer life expectancy,
  • Complete unknown as far as what the actual cost of Obamacare will be in dollar cost to business and taxpayers and in the quality of medical care,
  • Political rhetoric that vilifies success and instead promotes more socialist values,
  • Political stagnation in the U.S. brought on by unprecedented partisanship,
  • Soaring commodities prices for agricultural products like corn brought on by drought that will mean higher food prices at a time Americans are already struggling financially,
  • Fraud and theft by some commodities brokers eroding faith in an essential hedging product,
  • U.S. cites like Scranton, Pa., San Bernardino, Mammoth Lakes and Stockton, Ca. on the verge of filing for bankruptcy due in part to crippling long-term union liabilities,
  • Seemingly total reliance on governmental entities and central banks to solve the worlds financial problems,
  • Festering EU financial crisis,
  • LIBOR rate fixing scandal,
  • Economic slowdown in China,
  • Suspicious need to rush money into Spanish banking system,
  • Greece already missing agreed to financial targets,
  • The astounding idea that investors are willing to put money into 4-year maturities in some sovereign debt at negative yields to insure a return of principal with no thought given to a return on principal,
  • Funding issues on the horizon for Japan as an aging population will spend instead of save forcing that country to tap outside investors for money which may prove costly,
  • Downgrade of the U.S. debt rating along with other major countries including some brought down to junk ratings,
  • The always volatile circumstances in the Middle East that include Syrian civil war, Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Egyptian government and the Iranian nuclear weapons program along with sabre rattling concerning shutting down the Strait of Hormuz.
This was a list I came up with in the shower! Imagine if I really gave it some thought!

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