Friday, June 29, 2012

Watchers Council "School's out for summer in Washington" Edition June 29, 2012 (Video)

As an American it's an embarrassment having to say that this group of people walking and holding hands are Congressmen and Congresswomen who are being led by the House of Representatives chief embarrassment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

They could easily be first graders skipping down the path to the bus because school's over and it's time for summer recess. 

The only difference is that after doing nothing in their day jobs in Congress they actually are going on summer vacation, only not in schools busses but limousines and private jets and not to day camp but to their second and sometimes third homes for vacations that so many of the people on "Main Street" can't afford.

And yet, they claim to represent you when in reality the only people that they represent are themselves!

These individuals were hired by their constituents back home to go to Washington and do the peoples business. 

Peoples business doesn't mean playing politics in an effort to try and cover-up the actions of a man, Attorney General Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, and his boss President "executive privilege" Obama!

Peoples business doesn't mean doing the politically expedient in order to try and ensure plum committee appointments or the support of party leaders come campaigning for reelection time.

Peoples business DOES mean what the 17 Democrats who crossed the aisle to vote yay on the contempt action against Eric Holder, ramifications from party leadership be damned!


Now on to the Watchers Council voting results!

The Watchers Council nominations for the week of June 25th were presented, the votes were cast and counted, and the winner will now been announced!

For those who may be enjoying their first Watchers Council experience, it is a group that consists of some of the top conservative bloggers from around the world.

A group that The Political Commentator is extremely proud to have been asked to be part of!

Each week members select and submit an article of their own creation in addition to one article from a non-council blog they find to be particularly topical and important.

While you may not always agree with what you read, that alone may make the experience that much more valuable!

Once the submissions have been received at an undisclosed location hidden somewhere on the Left Coast of the United States, the Watchers Council members then individually vote for their favorites.

Those votes are protected and held by outside auditing firm Arthur Andersen until such time as they are counted and a winner named for the Grand Prize.

This Grand Prize consists of the appreciation of ones peers.

In the end though, we all win because of the range of information and important analysis received on the critical issues of the day.

In a nutshell, the Watchers Council is the ultimate conservative blog aggregator!

So without further ado the winner(s) of the Watcher's Council for the week of June 25th is (are)...?

Council Winners

*First place with 3 2/3 votes! Rhymes With Right – Don’t Ken And Josephine Terry Have “Absolute Moral Authority”?

Third place with 1 2/3 votes – The Mellow Jihadi- The Ugly Americans: the Post I Did Not Want to Write

Fourth place with 1 1/3 votes – The Noisy Room-Egyptian Zombie Apocalypse

Fifth place with 1 vote – The Right Planet- Mark Levin: Conservatism Is Not an Ideology

Sixth place *t* with 2/3 vote – The Independent Sentinel- His Imperiousness, Barack Obama, Cancels Federal Immigration Enforcement In Arizona

Sixth place *t* with 2/3 vote – The Razor-One Family’s Escape from Poverty – No Gov’t $ Spent

Sixth place *t* with 2/3 vote – The Colossus of Rhodey – The reaction of a “boss”

Sixth place *t* with 2/3 vote – VA Right! – Tea Party and Republicans Uniting After Rough Primary

Sixth place *t* with 2/3 vote –GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD– The Outreach Year 3

Seventh place *t* with 1/3 vote – Bookroom Room – Bumper sticker polling

Seventh place *t* with 1/3 vote – Simply Jews – Alice Walker’s hidden dichotomy

Non-Council Winners

First place with 4 votes! – Natasha Smith-“Please God. Please make it stop.”  submitted by Joshuapundit

Second place with 3 votes – Mark Steyn –Obama, the first Invented American president  submitted by The Watcher

Third place with 1 2/3 votes – Sultan Knish/FrontPageMag –A Dark And Vengeful God submitted by The Noisy Room

Fourth place *t* with 1 1/3 votes -Caroline Glick -The Muslim Brotherhood’s Useful Idiots submitted by The Political Commentator

Fourth place *t* with 1 vote Allergic To Bull -What Happened Tonight  submitted by Rhymes With Right

Fifth place *t* with 2/3 votes - Jewish Daily Forward -Jews Failed to Spot Hitler’s Menace submitted by Bookworm Room

Fifth place *t* with 2/3 vote - Rantings of a Sandmonkey –Chapter’s End submitted by The Mellow Jihadi

Fifth place *t* with 2/3 vote - Danger Room Wired – Putin Wants a Darpa of His Own submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

Sixth place *t* with 1/3 vote -Via Meadia –Time to Occupy State Pensions?  submitted by The Razor

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