Saturday, June 9, 2012

President Obama video: Stop bitching about the economy because you're doing just fine!

I paraphrase of course but President Obama appears to be completely satisfied with the way the private sector in the United States is performing right now!

Speaking of the out of touch with the "folks on Main Street" he invokes so often when referring to Mitt Romney, perhaps President Obama should read some more newspapers or watch the news because the private sector in the United States is anything but "just fine"!

My advice for the President would be to understand that you can only operate under the "if you say it loudly and often enough people will believe it's true" method of leading for so long before your actual record takes over and you will be judged by it.

The American people are at that point now and all rhetoric aside, the overall assessment of the President's performance in office to this point is a resounding grade of D!

And that is only because if I were to be a teacher I would be an easy grader.

One other piece of advice although I probably shouldn't be telling him this would be to stick to the teleprompter because when he has to actually speak from the heart, it doesn't work out so well.

So Mr. President, how is the private sector doing?

H/T Pundit Press

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