Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My hometown! "Lost on Long Island!" (Video trailer)

Unemployment, a lack of jobs, a loss of hope and the broken dreams of a generation?
"My Hometown" Bruce Springsteen (Source)
The problem of economic despair, an overwhelming feeling of lost hope and lack of credible opportunity for the future is certainly not unique to Long Island, New York. It's a nationwide and global phenomenon!

The actual origins of the financial crisis in the United States is not a question of Left and Right or Democrat and Republican. Both sides are culpable to varying degrees although each has it's own ideologically based stated method of trying to get the country out of it!

Not surprisingly the Left advocates raising taxes and vilifying those who have experienced success through hard work and innovation. The Right, in my view, offers more pragmatic potential solutions. But please don't misunderstand me. At this point in time, whichever side you support, it's all just self-serving rhetoric!

Again, the path to where the United States financially stands today is bipartisan in creation, with the lack of any credible roadmap to an economic solution being a high-stakes game of partisan politics in which you and I, the "regular folks" the President loves to invoke and inject into his well crafted speeches, are being used as pawns.

For you see that as these political fat cats enjoy their pampered Washington lifestyles, their taxpayer funded junkets, cadillac healthcare plans and golden parachute retirements while planning strategy from one election to the next, it's we the people who suffer for their selfishness and incompetence.

And although both sides of the aisle are culpable for the creation of the fiscal problems we as a nation face today up to and including the lack of any implementable plans that will move us towards a solution, at the end of the day the buck for the absence of direction and improvement in the US economy starts and stops at the top. In other words, the White House and President Obama.

There are no credible excuses and no playing of the blame game because when you sign-on to be the President of the United States the responsibility for success or failure is part of what comes with the job.

Remember when its time to cast your vote in November, that it's Romney who represents our best shot at the real hope and change the country desperately needs. Your alternative four more years of empty rhetoric, divisiveness and political partisanship that will leave us right back where we are now. And possibly even worse!

Lost on Long Island!


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