Monday, June 18, 2012

A smorgasbord of links: Fukushima, government dependency (video), teaching to hate (video) and Obama(care) legitimacy!

The articles at these links discuss serious and critical topics in ways you may not find in the mainstream media! Of course that's if you can find them at all!

Fukushima nuclear power plant - Out of sight out of mind but most certainly not out of danger!

Government dependency and debunking President Obama's "Life of Julia"!

The dangers of government dependency (video)

Palestinian education demonizing Christians and Jews begs the question of whether videos like this one are on the roadmap to peace?

As the Supreme Court prepares to render its Obamacare decision, what happens if and when the individual mandate goes away?

While the Left would like to pretend the issue of Obama legitimacy has been settled, that is far from the truth as this article explains! 

Foreign cash may have swayed Obama birth record

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