Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg starring in "The New York Nanny State of Mind" (Video)

New York Times ad 6/2/2012 Page A5) from the Center for Consumer Freedom
When a freedom or personal choice is taken away, it won't be coming back!

Today the Bloomberg Nanny State wants to tell you that there will be no sweet drinks sold in certain venues if those drinks are over 16 ounces in size!

Why is that? Because as Bloomberg and anyone else walking down the street in NYC can tell you, there is an obesity problem in New York!

And, because parents, adults and children are apparently not capable of resisting the temptation for sweets or deciding whether to eat them on their own, NYC government will do it for you!

The irony of course is that this Bloomberg pronouncement coincided with National Donut Day.

What's next in line for abolishment?

As the freedom to choose and to manage our own lives slowly gets taken from us, what will be next?

Will your television have a timer limiting its use to a certain number of hours a day after which it shuts itself down, a one gyro limit at the Greek restaurant or maybe the cornbread side being outlawed at your local rib place because its deemed an extraneous and extremely fattening unnecessary addition to the meal?

How about a monitor for supermarket shopping carts that limits the total caloric content inside, and when a certain level is reached nothing else can be added?

Whatever happened to parents leading by example and monitoring what their own kids do in order to make sure mindless video games and other sources of inactivity are replaced by exercise and that what they eat is controlled?

Whatever happened to all adults deciding for themselves if they want to be fat or they want to lose weight?

What will become of peoples right to choose?

What's the next freedom to be taken away by nanny? Who knows but remember that once a freedom of choice is taken away, it won't be coming back!

Update: Article highlighted in the Ace of Spades HQ Overnight Open Thread June 2, 2012 and we thank them!

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