Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keine Beschneidung für euch Juden (translation below)

A questionable decision in Cologne, Germany surrounding circumcision!

First the very loose translation of the article title, "Keine Beschneidung für euch Juden," is "No circumcision for you Jews."

While circumcision is a basic ritual of the Jewish faith performed on newborn male children, due to a botched procedure in Cologne, Germany on a Muslim child, the ban on this procedure has been put into place.

For Germany this move has serious and obvious PR implications, but for the Jews and Muslims whose religions mandate the practice, it is much more.

My thought is that because of the uproar likely to come from the Muslim community that this decision will soon be overturned.

However, had the ban solely impacted Jews, I am not so sure that a reversal would have been in the cards!

"...Though it is to be hoped this ruling will soon be overturned by joint legal efforts by Jews and Muslims, no matter what the outcome of the litigation, it must send a chill through a growing German Jewish community that has come to think of itself as immune to the dangers presented by the country’s past. They may be learning that in spite of the country’s advances, anti-Semitism never goes completely out of fashion in Germany" (Source)

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