Thursday, June 7, 2012

Improving economy? Here's some places to spend all that extra cash?

Money to burn!
Bernanke testified before the congressional Joint Economic Committee today saying that while US economic growth is tepid and the Fed is "prepared to take action", households continue to spend!

On-the-other-hand he also said that individual consumers and businesses are extremely cautious about the economy.

Ignoring this seeming contradiction, can you imagine just how robust household spending would be if the economy actually did improve at some point?

Add to this the potential additional kicker for consumer spending the Fed Chairman pointed out that concerns the recent decline in energy prices that could provide an additional boost to the pocketbooks of consumers through an increase in real purchasing power.

The takeaway for me? There remains so many uncertainties in both the global economy and US economy that the Federal Reserve, as well as the economic experts, all have no idea what is going to happen down the road.

That said, if for some reason your household is in the position to indulge in excess, what kinds of excess could you indulge in?

$1,000 Tequila Popsicle

The $295 hamburger!

Lobster Omelette $1,000

Fancy Fish Soup - $190

Godetevi l'esperienza!

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