Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diversion Thursday: Advertising with sex, the lowest common denominator! (Video Rated-R)

With a decision on Obamacare mere minutes away and the cadre of the political buffoons who comprise the EU preparing to begin financial crisis summit 19, here is an unrelated question...

Is this video a commentary on the state of our society, the state of moral values in our society or is it fine and simply smart business practice?  

Put another way, am I just getting old or is this video about trade shows, shirts and sneakers that's unlike any of the old ads for Chuck Taylors and Adidas Superstars I ever saw simply over the top?

Watch the video and ask yourself whether this promotion for an event has gone too far or is this type of promotion simply a sign of the times?

Does it indicate society on the rise or in steep decline?

Is the song anything that you would encourage or even allow your children to listen to?

Finally, understand the demographic of the consumers that this show in Houston called H-Town Sneaker Summit is trying to attract.

Most likely kids too young to watch this video along with parents who are incapable of forbidding it!

H/T Baller Status

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