Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anniversary and wedding gift donations for Obama: A comments sampler!


What do you get for the President who has everything?

This morning TPC examined the call from the Obama campaign for donors to forego gifts on insignificant occasions like weddings, anniversary's and birthdays and instead send that money in to support Obama for President.

In fact there is an entire website dedicated to the effort.

On that website, "The Obama Event Registry," there is also an opportunity for visitors to leave comments about how they view the appropriateness of a sitting President asking for donations in this way.

This is a sampler with a link at the end to all of them. It is definitely some entertaining reading!

Pandering for Dollars!

I thought this was a joke when I first read it, but ....well, it is still a joke.

Is this what the office of the President of the United States has come to? Pandering for wedding and birthday money?

This is an appeal from the Leader of our country, the World Leader. This is an example of the President's "wisdom" and discretion. Poor judgement, as well as an embarrassment to the Office of the Presidency.

I'm giving my entire family a gift this November that they will appreciate for a lifetime....a vote for Mitt Romney for President.

Not long before they start hitting up kids for their tooth fairy money.

The "hope and change" fairy.

Really????? Next he will tell you to sell your sperm, eggs and soul , all for a good cause...his relection! Bush probably told him to try this!

If need be Obama will declare Executive Privilege before admitting to this little bit of sociopathic narcissism.

So tell me again - If the middle class can no longer afford to give political donations, why would they want to donate to the campaign of the person most in charge of their decent into poverty?
I wonder if any Obama supporters are sending in some of the unemployment or welfare money they get?

The republican party is not the 1%. The republicans are just busy trying to make a living to support and pay taxes for the 51% that don't. Let's talk about President Obama who wants to raise & spend 1 billion dollars on a campaign to get re-elected for a position paying 6 figures? 1 BILLION goes a long way in community service. Maybe he should be donating it. It would be money better spent.

My six-year-old just lost a lower incisor. He's going to be SO excited when the tooth fairy leaves him an Obama-Biden donation receipt in his name!

Also, buy a $500K term life insurance policy, name Obama as beneficiary, send a copy to Kathleen Sebilius, and then see how good your medical treatment will be once Obamacare goes full bore.

What a classless bunch we have put into the White House. This guy is the biggest scam/sham ever perpetrated on our great Republic. What an embarrassment to America. He must go......Nov can't get here fast enough.

I wanted so badly to donate, but at the last moment my girlfriend asserted Executive Privilege over a bank account that she had previously claimed to know nothing about. Sorry.

Are you kidding me? This is incredibly insulting given the 100 rounds of golf, vacations at Martha's Vineyard, dinners with stars, etc. November cannot get here fast enough!

I will gladly forego any gifts I might get on my wedding so Obama can play more golf and Michelle can go to Paris again. Are these people nuts?

And, hey, while you're at it, how 'bout foregoing spending money for baby showers? Barack needs every dime he can get. Graduation gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas, Hanukkah and "Kwanza" gifts? What a waste! That money would be far better spent re-electing Obama! And, do you REALLY want to spend all that money on an expensive casket for granny or gramps when a tasteful pine box will do? Send the difference to Obama! Flowers at funerals? Like THEY can smell 'em! You guessed it: Obama! Global Village Idiots for Obama are counting on you in 2012!
Give til it HURTS!

Read all of the comments at The Obama Event Registry here.

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