Thursday, June 21, 2012

68-year old school bus monitor verbally abused viciously in upstate New York (Video)

YouTube comment (Source)
Unfortunately, this video is a perfect metaphor for what is wrong with society today!

In the reality T.V. world we live in where the stars of shows like Jersey Shore are role models to our children, the results you get are often what you see and hear in this video.

It represents a wholesale breakdown in morality, values and the overall fabric of society when a 68-year old woman making $15,000 (the amount is actually irrelevant) is subjected to verbal abuse like this by a bunch of punk kids who were never taught any better at home!

I may be dating myself but I can remember a time when we were taught to respect our elders.

At another blog a fundraiser was initiated for the woman, Karen Klein, with the goal of raising enough money to send her on a nice vacation. The amount raised to date? More than $175,000!

Update 10:50 PM 6/21/12: Since this article was posted this afternoon the total raised has risen to $411,000!
Update 12:50 PM 6/23/12: The total has now risen to $614,000.

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1 comment :

  1. I hope these kids were punished for this cruel behavior towards this brave woman. She is someone we could all learn from because I know it took all her power, strength, & patience not to put those kids over her lap & give them an old fashion ass wooping!