Monday, May 28, 2012

Society Check: The "Divorce Hotel and Reality Show": Couples check-in but they don't check out!

The perfect solution for American couples who need immediate gratification, their 15 minutes of fame and who have no problem laying it out there for all to see!

Remember those good old days when getting divorced, filing for bankruptcy or having your house foreclosed on were actually considered private matters with a little bit of a stigma attached?

In fact in some circles these occurrences made those involved feel like in some way they had failed at some aspect of life whether interpersonal or financial.

There has been, however, a not-so-subtle change in peoples thought process and outlook.

The financial crisis that began in 2008 has made the process of filing for bankruptcy or having your home foreclosed much easier for people to go through as we all understand that reversals of fortune can sometimes not be avoided.

On the relationship side we live in a society where people have access to every imaginable disposable product, so why not marriage as well? And nothing could have epitomized this trend better than the Kim Kardashian 72-day marriage that was more of a publicity stunt than union between two people.

The entertainment business has followed right along with these societal trends as the original afternoon shock TV shows like Jerry Springer have made way for prime-time reality shows that delve into some of the darker corners of our society. This includes such shows as Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives franchise, Hardcore Pawn and Repo Games that cast a casual light on behavior that is considered to be "normal".

Meet the newest concept, Divorce Hotel!

"’ stands for an easily accessible, affordable manner of getting a divorce, that is of high quality. Do you prefer the sharply priced traditional high-quality divorce at one of our offices in your own area or do you opt for the fast, but intensively guided hotel divorce in a single weekend?  We offer you an affordable 5 star divorce made-to-measure. Whether you wish to divorce together or without your partner, at a low hourly rate or for a fixed price, you are the one who determines the manner in which we can be for service to you!" (Source)

With the divorce rate being what it is, a seemingly never-ending pool of people willing to bare all being who they are, TV producers being what they are and luxury location hoteliers no doubt willing to put up their venues gratis for the publicity, a show like this should do very well in the United States.

If viewers have been all over the idiots of the Jersey Shore, how could something like "Divorce Hotel" miss as it will offer everything that the "thinking" TV viewer in the United States is looking for!

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