Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama foreign policy and national security report card! You guessed it: Fail!

On this Memorial Day let's look past administration rhetoric to see just how well this President is doing in his primary job, that as commander-in-chief?

At this point in the Obama first term in the White House most readers have no doubt been confused by what it is that a president, or more specifically this President, actually does for a living.

Is being president all about spending time on the campaign trail, the fundraising trail, the cart path on a golf course, ceding responsibility for our national security and foreign policy to the United Nations or merely using the bully pulpit that is his to speechify on what it is that has supposedly been accomplished when the actual record shows otherwise?

Here is a short scorecard of just some of the foreign policy and national security "accomplishments" of the Obama administration!

Can the United States survive four more years of it?

Iran nuclear weapons program - The administration methodology for stopping this clear and present danger is to allow the United Nations to handle things while utilizing sanctions as our main weapon.

The end result is uranium enriched to weapons grade, two new nuclear plants planned and that country thumbing its nose in our faces.

Obama Grade: Fail

Syria slaughter of civilians - Yet another potentially destabilizing event in the Middle East while also presenting a humanitarian nightmare.

While President Obama was quick to act in the "Arab Spring" uprising in Egypt, what the Syrian people get is Obama administration rhetoric and a ceding of any solution to the slaughter that is taking place there to the feckless (to use John McCains's term) U.N. Security Council.

Obama Grade: Fail

Relations with Pakistan - As bad as they have ever been, this supposed ally of the United States is attempting to extort money from us for critical supply truck passage into Afghanistan and have recently tried and convicted the doctor who helped the U.S. locate and kill Osama bin Laden (after the Pakistani government was apparently harboring the worlds most wanted terrorist).

The solution is of course rhetoric from key Obama administration personnel that Pakistan needs to change its ways.

Obama Grade: Fail

Egypt elections - As discussed here previously the Obama administration rush to embrace the Tahrir Square uprising when the composition of the players was extremely suspect and the end result unknown and impossible to predict has resulted in a runoff election between a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a general from the old Egyptian military.

For the United States, the region and the people of Egypt this result that was helped in part by President Obama insistence that Mubarak step down immediately can only be described a lose-lose-lose!

Obama Grade: Fail 

While we may not know much about the actual school record of Barack Obama, this report card tells you everything you need to know when it comes time to vote in November!

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