Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama-Biden 2012 wants you to speak your mind but...


Don't expect your comments to be used in original form with original intent if they are even used at all!

Is it really true that the Obama-Biden campaign wants to know what I think about how they have been doing? They say that they do but I'm not really sure that they are serious.

At this website they say that as the campaign gets revved up (as if it hasn't been in full swing since inauguration day), they need to know what people think about what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they could be doing better.

But if you look closely at the fine print it will actually say, as fine print so often does, something else entirely!

Beware the small print before you respond!

On the same page for people to provide their thoughts is an innocuous looking link to what are called the Submission Terms for your comments. When you inspect these terms you find that the Obama-Biden campaign has given itself carte blanche to change or modify your comments in any way and for any reason or purpose that they so desire.

So do the people who are leading the push of a second Obama term really want to know what people like me think? Do they really want to know the reality of what about 50% or more of the American people feel about the way that this President has performed in his first term?

I don't think so!

The bottom-line is that what the Obama-Biden campaign is really looking for are statements of sublime contentment, satisfaction and support that can be used in future ad campaigns. Statements that will be manipulated to present a President who is universally beloved and who the people feel has been doing a great job.

They are not looking for thoughts from those who think that given their past performance this ticket does not deserve a second-term in office!

Whatever it is that the Obama-Biden campaign people creates from these comments, you can bet that to the critical eye it will be a work of carefully crafted fiction.

H/T Pundit Press

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