Saturday, May 12, 2012

MSM Obama reelection campaign shifts into high gear on Romney "bullying" story! (Bonus video)

The media-arm of the Obama reelection campaign hits the trail running with the "serious" allegations of Romney as a high school bully!

High school bully?

Not just a high school bully but, according to a 5000+ word article in the Washington Post, Romney bullied a classmate who was suspected of being gay.

  • Was this alleged bullying of his high school classmate, if true, wrong? Yes! 
  • Would this bullying have shown an intolerance for lifestyles different than his own? Most certainly!
  • Would such an episode be worthy of inspection in the process of vetting a presidential candidate? Of course! 
  • If proven true would such an incident make Romney and his campaign for president a non-starter? 
  • Absolutely not as actions young people engage in are not necessarily good indicators of who they will become when they mature into adulthood!
As an example of past youthful indiscretions not impacting the quest for political office look at two names from recent history where errors in judgement did not disqualify them from continued service to their country later in life.

In fact, for reasons known only to the voting public, these episodes were for the most part ignored.
  1. Did the actions taken, or not taken, by Ted Kennedy that fateful night at the Dike Bridge on Chappaquidick Island disqualify him from a long career as the Senator from Massachusetts?
  2. For Senator Robert Byrd, was a youthful stint as a member of the Ku Klux Klan starting at age 24 held against him as he sought to become a United States Senator? Was the fact that he was the leader of said local KKK chapter or that as a Senator helped in the attempt to filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act any impediment either?
The job of the media in political campaigns!

It's the job of the media to help the American public, a large and disparate group of people who may not have the time, capability, inclination or resources to adequately vet a candidate for the most powerful position in the world, try to learn all of the relevant facts?

Damn straight it is! So this apparent bullying episode and controversy surrounding Romney is certainly located somewhere within the boundaries of the vetting process that will help to give all of us a clearer picture of who and what the candidate was as a young man.

Because it's these character traits that begin being established and developed in the formative years, while not set in stone, that help in the painting of a candidates overall personal canvas.

But the question is when something that is in the vetting process turns into a partisan attempt to simply smear a candidate in an effort to aid that candidates opponent. For example was this reported "bullying" episode of Romney as a high school student worthy of 5000+ words in a Washington Post article?

I suppose the answer to this question was answered by the editor who chose to run it.

Of course the timing of this "bombshell" was certainly curious coming as it did on the heels of Barack Obama throwing his weight behind the approval of the controversial issue of same-sex marriage that led to headlines like these.

"Obama's gay marriage stance sets off money rush"
"Gay marriage shift gives Obama fundraising boost"
"Donations Flood Obama Campaign After Gay Marriage Announcement"

While no one can question that the media wants to play an active role in the Obama reelection campaign, one wonders why none of the following questions have ever been pursued.

Where a bullying episode by the Republican challenger earns 5000+ word coverage in the Washington Post, why have none of the following topics ever been pursued on even a cursory level that concern either then candidate Obama or now incumbent Obama running for a second-term?

All we as a society can ask for is objective media coverage of a political campaign! Is that really too much to ask for? That, of course, is a rhetorical question!

Obama headlines I'd like to see!
"The Obama college transcripts"
"What Barack Obama knew about Reverend Jeremiah Wright and when he knew it"
" Is the Trumpeter Award given to Louis Farrakhan by Obama mentor Jeremiah Wright any indicator of Obama opinion as well?"
"Barack Obama and his ACORN years"
"Barack Obama's relationship with William Ayers is much deeper than has been previously been acknowledged"
"While Bill Clinton didn't inhale, let's take a look at what Barack Obama did do!"
"Barack Obama pushes girl with apparent little justification in his school years"

I won't hold my breath but if the Washington Post article is any indication, the MSM is going to be running a long and dirty campaign in its assumed job as a leading member of the Obama reelection campaign machine!

Source: NMA.TV
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