Saturday, May 5, 2012

Must see video: Obama's "Julia", Julia's alter-ego Julia/Julian and campaign incompetence!

President Obama's "Julia" is the poster child for a cradle-to-grave government sponsored entitlement lifestyle that is his vision for the United States!

You may read this and been unaware of the fictional girl by the name of "Julia" who is born and then lives her life under the umbrella of some theoretical utopian society that's to be provided by Obama administration policies.

The presentation of "Julia" appears on an Obama-Biden campaign website that shows the life of this imaginary child from a 3-years old through her twilight years under the heading of:

"Take a look at how President Obama's policies help one woman over her lifetime—and how Mitt Romney would change her story."

The presentation of "Julia" and all of the negative connotations contained therein including those about women, as well as the rest of The Obama Story, very much needs to be articulated to the majority of Americans who don't follow politics or who have been blinded by the Obama light. 

That said many of the great names in the blogosphere potentially smarter and more insightful than I are doing just that by dissecting the vision that the Obama administration has for the governments role in all of our lives so I need not do it as well right?

Maybe just this once as here's a video created showing the life of Julia's alter-ego, Julia/Julian!

Arrogance, tunnel vision and incompetence may be our best hope to defeat Obama in the November election!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere hope that the effort by the Obama campaign to conceive of and create "Julia", the decision by the President to okay its deployment and the political tin ear that Barack Obama has displayed throughout his term in office will continue on unabated through the campaign season and into the election in November.

For it's exactly this arrogance, tunnel vision and incompetence from the bottom to the top of the Obama campaign machine and the Obama administration itself that provides those of us who see the critical need for his defeat, hope!

When you add to the mix the record that Obama will try to run away from or assign blame for, the potential that all of the hurting Americans will begin to see through his useless rhetoric and the hope that Mitt Romney will run a strong and courageous campaign there is indeed reason for optimism.

Of course when the running of the Romney campaign is for the most part outside of our control there is great anxiety as well.

The choice to be made by Americans in November is clear!

The choice that Americans have to make in the November election will be between four more years of Obama radicalism and weakness and a Romney presidency that will be based on rational policies meant for the good and prosperity of ALL Americans.

The critical piece for the upcoming election will of course be the Independent voters who have not yet made up their minds for the direction that they want to see the United States head in.

While this promises to be a distinctly negative campaign and a close election, moves like the creation of "Julia" gives Americans like me reason for hope that indeed there will be a change in the White House once the votes in the November election have been counted.

The rest is up to Mitt Romney and his core competence in not only overcoming Obama attacks but in articulating and convincing the American people that his vision for the future of America is indeed the correct one, and that in reality there is really no choice for Americans at all when they enter the voting booth!

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Video H/T Theo Spark


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