Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ever curious about how much a good embalmer or pole dancing instructor makes?

And as an aside, for an embalmer what exactly constitutes being "good"?

That could be a very difficult metric to quantify and measure because truth be told, and no disrespect intended, does anyone really go back later and check their work?

On the heels of the very disappointing April jobs report released by the BLS I thought it would be interesting to look at some jobs that are slightly out of the mainstream.

And while embalming or other funeral home work is a good and steady because as we know people are just dying to get in, it certainly cannot be considered mainstream.

Neither can septic tank supervisor, a profession some might consider to be a sh***y way to make a living or teaching proper pole dancing technique which is not a job for just any body!

But in a job market where the competition for getting hired is fierce, the thing for applicants to do may be to look for the job that's off of everyone else's radar and put it onto your own.

I found an article at Business Insider that examined a variety of jobs, and these are some of the details:

Leading city: 
Pensacola, Fla.
Profession's concentration in leading city:
6.31x national average
Best paying city: 
Twin Cities, Minn.
Best paying city mean annual wage:
U.S. mean annual wage: 

Septic tank servicer
Leading county: 
Bristol, Mass.
Profession's concentration in leading city:
2.13x national average
Best-paying city: 
Portland, Ore.
Best-paying city's mean annual pay rate: 
U.S. mean annual pay rate: 

Funeral Attendant
Leading city: 
Wheeling, W.Va/Ohio
Profession's concentration in leading city:
6.01 x national average
Best paying city: 
Framingham, Mass.
Best paying city mean annual wage:
U.S. mean annual wage: 

Read the rest at Business Insider here.


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