Saturday, May 26, 2012

Egypt: Another BIG Obama foreign policy and national security failure!

Egypt Round 1 election results are in and the winners are....?

The "Arab Spring" in Egypt has turned into what will most likely be a summer of discontent and possible violence as the choice for leader will revolve around the Muslim Brotherhood and the prior Mubarak regime!

Remember how President Obama and the rest of the left fell over each other demanding that Mubarak step down so that the "Arab Spring" uprising could usher a new era of democracy into Egypt.

While it was an uprising of unknown composition, at the time the one assurance that we did have was that the Muslim Brotherhood would not attempt to become part of any new government.

Who gave us that assurance? Why the Muslim Brotherhood of course. Fast forward to the end of the first round of elections and what do we have?

We have a really bad choice for the people to make in round two between an Islamist government run by the Muslim Brotherhood candidate (Mohammed Morsi) and a return to the prior status quo through a military candidate (Ahmed Shafiq) who was a Mubarak ally.

Those supposed democracy seeking freedom fighters from Tahrir Square? They're out!

So if President Obama and his national security team could be so wrong on what for most was a fairly obvious call on Egypt, how comfortable should we be with them calling the shots on an even more obvious and dangerous situation surrounding Iran and its nuclear program?

President Obama is pretty darn sure that sanctions and diplomacy will do the trick in Iran even though uranium enriched to weapons grade has been found. Just like he was so sure that what is happening now in Egypt would never happen!

Remember in November that foreign policy and national security are key components to the job of president and this President has clearly shown that he is not up to the task!

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