Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Can you name that socialist?"

In honor of the Sunday election in France that swept President-elect Francois Hollande into office, let's play "Can you name that Socialist?"

First, what is the definition of an American Socialist?
Source: Democratic Socialists of America

The Game

He believes in class warfare, a nanny state, cradle-to-grave government care for all citizens who, like "Julia", are deemed incapable of making decisions or of taking care of themselves. He will also demonize the capitalist system (unless of course the campaign donations are large enough) but take care of those who are the political "insiders".

And while this man is calling for social and economic equality he lives in the manner that few of the so-called 99% could ever imagine of or realistically hope to attain.

It's life at the summer "Dacha" in Maryland, date nights in New York and vacations all over the world, all while the average Joe is living hand to mouth and paycheck to paycheck.

It's more golf than many pros will play and ducking out with the company jet to take his buddy to watch the play-in game of the NCAA tournament. It's simply enjoying the best that life has to offer.

The answer to the original question in the title is of course Barack Obama. It was for the most part given to you from the beginning of the game because a difficult test where everyone can't win or get an A+ just wouldn't be fair!

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