Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can somebody please help me?

Help me to understand that is!

Relax! This is not a cry for a donation to keep TPC on the air or for any other type of material aid.

This is a call for help in understanding. Understanding in terms of how the admitted heavy drug use by Barack Obama is not enough to make his quest for a 2nd-term in office a non-starter!

Why is this incredibly large character flaw simply glossed over where the admission by Bill Clinton that he puffed but didn't inhale created a media firestorm that had an impact on his drive for the White House?

Why is this topic seemingly off limits in the same way the Obama-Reverend Wright connection is off limits, radical connections and friendships with the likes of Bill Ayers are off limits, the holes in his resume from the college years are off limits, questions surrounding the actual location of his birth are off limits and, well, you get the idea!

Why such great fear to address these issues?

Is it because to do so might open the door for those on the Left to issue and use the race card?

That in some way bringing up these important topics and potential character flaws would be akin to attacking Barack Obama because he is black and not because anyone seeking the presidency is typically exhaustively vetted and then vetted some more?

Or is it because those very same "journalists" who should be reporting the news and asking the tough questions are firmly ensconced as members of Team Obama?

Role model - in - Chief

Among his other jobs, the President of the United States has always served as something of a role model for the youth of our society.

Not a perfect human being because there is no one on earth who can claim to be that. But an example for what can be achieved if you followed the rules, worked hard, stayed focused and persevered in whatever endeavor you were involved in.

I remember when I was young and the teacher would ask the class what people wanted to be when they grew up and President of the United States was always an answer given by one or more of the students.

Society has changed since then where kids today want to be reality T.V. stars, viral YouTube sensationsrappers or professional athletes.

For many of us sound-bites have replaced commitment in every aspect of our lives from marriage to career.

But how can a parent today sit a kid down who may is heading down the wrong path, look them in the eye and say if you ever want to be President of the United States you are killing that dream by getting involved with drugs.

How can that conversation, if there is any conversation between the parent and the kid, take place?

Can somebody help me please?

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