Thursday, May 31, 2012

Does Spexit* come before Grexit*?

Is this a riddle or some kind of a joke being told in an imaginary language!

Unfortunately it's neither funny or creative but is deadly serious business which at the end of the day may affect us all regardless of the country we live or do business in!

The question, written in plain English, is will Greece or Spain be the first to leave the EU?

For many Spain is new to the discussion of pending EU exits, although it anything but new to the overall problem of being one of the PIIGS, aka the weak sisters of the Eurozone.

I offer the analysis from Mish Shedlock that will serve as a guide.

"Interest rates on the 10-Year Spanish bond touched 6.7% today after the ECB shot down prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's Ponzi plan to recapitalize banks.

The Spanish banking condition is in such precarious shape that Matthew Lynn of Strategy Economics proposed 'Spexit' Will Come Before a 'Grexit'..."
Read the entire article including the six reasons Spain will be first to leave the EU at Global Economic Trend Analysis here.

*#Spexit and #Grexit are handles for Greece exit and Spain exit

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Obama "Hope and Change" video called "The rhetoric and the reality!"

Obama: Leads through rhetoric while the American people suffer through the reality of his actions!

The beauty of running for president with no real record to speak of is that rhetoric becomes king.

For Barack Obama in particular, back in 2007 there was little of any substance to look back on and what was there got completely ignored by the media.

"Hope and Change" therefore became a great campaign slogan.

Fast forward to 2012! The problem for Obama in the 2012 election is that he will now be judged worthy or not worthy for a second-term in office based on the actual results of his administration.

Not by rhetoric, not by ceding responsibility for failure to his predecessor and not through the use of catchy campaign slogans.

For Obama, his downfall in the 2012 election will be that instead of "Hope and Change" the American people will judge him on a little thing called "Policies and Results".

For this politician, even with the help of his MSM bench, the facts will be his worst nightmare come November!

The video: Obama rhetoric versus reality

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Video H/T Common Cents

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waiter, there's cesium-137 in my soup!

Is the Fukushima nuclear disaster hitting the dinners plates of America?

The issues surrounding the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima are embellished by some and minimized by others. But whatever the true status of the plant and nuclear waste are what we do know is that the story is not discussed that often in mainstream sources for news.

The fact of the matter is that some "experts" say (the Japanese government) that the situation in Japan has been stabilized and that Fukushima poses virtually no risk to anyone.

Other opinions run the gamut from Fukushima being a potential health hazard for the foreseeable future in Japan to it affecting global health and food supplies until the half-lives of all radioactive elements present in the waste have been reached and surpassed.

That would assume of course that the flow of radioactive material out of the plant can at some point be stopped.

What we do know is that at the very least Reactor 4 continues to pose a serious ongoing problem and that a great deal of nuclear waste has already been dumped into the Pacific Ocean since the crisis began.

Assuming that ocean currents exist as we know that they do, this means that other parts of the world will be at some level of risk from the radioactive material and any effect that this material has on fish and other wildlife.

While all of this remains a serious unknown this story will continue to have legs and/or fins!

Waiter, I found radiation (not a fly and not soup) in my fish!

Dateline the California Coast: "...Radioactive cesium was detected in samples of highly prized Pacific bluefin tuna, but it is well below levels considered unsafe for humans, the scientists say.

The evidence is "unequivocal" that the tuna - caught off San Diego a year ago - were contaminated with radiation from Japan's nuclear disaster, the researchers said…

…Before the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, low levels of the radioactive cesium-137 , which decays to harmlessness only over thousands of years, had been measured in Japanese waters, while the shorter-lived cesium-134 was undetectable, the scientists said. That difference, they said, was crucial in concluding that the radioactive contamination was linked to the Fukushima disaster…” (Source)

Can somebody please help me?

Help me to understand that is!

Relax! This is not a cry for a donation to keep TPC on the air or for any other type of material aid.

This is a call for help in understanding. Understanding in terms of how the admitted heavy drug use by Barack Obama is not enough to make his quest for a 2nd-term in office a non-starter!

Why is this incredibly large character flaw simply glossed over where the admission by Bill Clinton that he puffed but didn't inhale created a media firestorm that had an impact on his drive for the White House?

Why is this topic seemingly off limits in the same way the Obama-Reverend Wright connection is off limits, radical connections and friendships with the likes of Bill Ayers are off limits, the holes in his resume from the college years are off limits, questions surrounding the actual location of his birth are off limits and, well, you get the idea!

Why such great fear to address these issues?

Is it because to do so might open the door for those on the Left to issue and use the race card?

That in some way bringing up these important topics and potential character flaws would be akin to attacking Barack Obama because he is black and not because anyone seeking the presidency is typically exhaustively vetted and then vetted some more?

Or is it because those very same "journalists" who should be reporting the news and asking the tough questions are firmly ensconced as members of Team Obama?

Role model - in - Chief

Among his other jobs, the President of the United States has always served as something of a role model for the youth of our society.

Not a perfect human being because there is no one on earth who can claim to be that. But an example for what can be achieved if you followed the rules, worked hard, stayed focused and persevered in whatever endeavor you were involved in.

I remember when I was young and the teacher would ask the class what people wanted to be when they grew up and President of the United States was always an answer given by one or more of the students.

Society has changed since then where kids today want to be reality T.V. stars, viral YouTube sensationsrappers or professional athletes.

For many of us sound-bites have replaced commitment in every aspect of our lives from marriage to career.

But how can a parent today sit a kid down who may is heading down the wrong path, look them in the eye and say if you ever want to be President of the United States you are killing that dream by getting involved with drugs.

How can that conversation, if there is any conversation between the parent and the kid, take place?

Can somebody help me please?

Watcher's Council "Greece, Spain and Syria on the brink" Edition!


The Watcher's Council: Over 30 articles from some of the top conservative bloggers around the world and all in one easy to read location!
If it's Wednesday (and sometimes early Thursday) that can mean only one thing! That the time has come for the weekly collection of article nominations at the Watcher's Council to make themselves known!

This week’s Watcher's Council article offerings are dedicated to some of the crises that have the potential to come to a head at any time.

The Eurozone as a whole, save for Germany, is in the throes of severe recession with Greece and Spain serving as the current flash points for bankruptcy, sovereign default (not the first time for Greece, only the most recent) and the potential for even more severe social unrest.

These countries could quickly upset the charade that EU leaders are attempting to foist on the world which is that by throwing more money at these countries and in return getting promises for fixing their fiscal houses, that somehow the problem will be solved there. That likely won't happen and even if it did the problems with the rest of the PIIGS will still exist.

In Syria the slaughter of women and children by the al-Assad government shows no signs of abating with the only constant being that of Obama administration inaction to help stop it.

Where the President was quick to step in during the relatively non-violent "Arab Spring" in Egypt that resulted in what will likely be a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the government there, he is MIA in the bloodbath occurring in Syria.

The only difference that I see for the urgency in Egypt was that Mubarak was a friend of the U.S. and Israel so apparently, at least according to the Obama administration he had to go, whereas al-Assad is anti-U.S. and anti-Israel so his ouster seems to be far less urgent...
And now, the Watcher's Council
So now who and what is the Watcher's Council?
The Watcher's Council is a long-standing group of 15 conservative bloggers from around the world and winner of the 2011 Fabulous 50 Blog Award in the category of Best Conservative Blog-Ring.
Each week, first thing Wednesday morning, we the members of the Watcher's Council make known our two articles for public consumption; one of our own (Council) and one from somewhere around the blogosphere (Non-Council) that address issues we feel are particularly timely and important to present.
After a secret ballot among the members, Friday morning the winners in each category are announced and the grand prize, the appreciation of our peers, is awarded!
Watcher's Council home gamers are not only welcome but they are encouraged! Pick your favorite articles below and cast your vote in the comments section.
For the week of May 28, 2012 the Watcher's Council nominations are...

Council Submissions
The Political Commentator – The IPO: Did Facebook “Jump the Shark”?
GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Syria Phobia
The Mellow Jihadi – Mandatory Arabic In Harlem
Honorable Mentions
Crazy Bald Guy – The Happiness Index
Against All Enemies – The Six Commandments
Non-Council Submissions
Mark Steyn –The Facebook Caliphate submitted by The Noisy Room
Natural Born Conservative – Adventures in Politicking II : No Shot submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey
The Warped Mirror – Think Progress On Preconditions For Negotiations submitted by Simply Jews
Newsmax – MSNBC Host ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Fallen Soldiers Heroes submitted by The Independent Sentinel
Mises Institute -The Systemic Siesta submitted by The Political Commentator
Adam Garfinkle – Look Before You Leap submitted by Joshuapundit
Breitbart.Com – Former DOJ Attorney: Eric Holder Could Stop SWATings ‘in 48 Hours’ submitted by Rhymes with Right
Victor Davis Hanson –The Power of Cool submitted by The Razor
Security Clearance – Inside Jordan, Worries About Iran And Syria submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD
American Spectator – Terror by Any Other Name submitted by The Right Planet
Omri Ceren/Commentary Magazine -The Consequences of Obama’s Conceit submitted by Bookworm Room
Azizonomics – Keynesianism & Eugenics submitted by The Glittering Eye
Hugh Hewitt – The Chicago GangGoes After Romney submitted by The Watcher

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Political humor from NewsBusters for May 29, 2012 (Video)

The Choom Gang
Some of the people and topics featured in this episode of NewsBusters include...

--Mitt Romney --President Obama --Bain Capital --President Obama's Sons? --Trayvon Martin Day --Obama's High School Drug Dealer --Facebook Stock --Harvard --Unabomber Ted Kaczynski


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Animated video: Obama and the audacity of "dope"

From NMA.TV, a video on the life and (high) times of the POT-US!




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Obama-Biden 2012 wants you to speak your mind but...


Don't expect your comments to be used in original form with original intent if they are even used at all!

Is it really true that the Obama-Biden campaign wants to know what I think about how they have been doing? They say that they do but I'm not really sure that they are serious.

At this website they say that as the campaign gets revved up (as if it hasn't been in full swing since inauguration day), they need to know what people think about what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they could be doing better.

But if you look closely at the fine print it will actually say, as fine print so often does, something else entirely!

Beware the small print before you respond!

On the same page for people to provide their thoughts is an innocuous looking link to what are called the Submission Terms for your comments. When you inspect these terms you find that the Obama-Biden campaign has given itself carte blanche to change or modify your comments in any way and for any reason or purpose that they so desire.

So do the people who are leading the push of a second Obama term really want to know what people like me think? Do they really want to know the reality of what about 50% or more of the American people feel about the way that this President has performed in his first term?

I don't think so!

The bottom-line is that what the Obama-Biden campaign is really looking for are statements of sublime contentment, satisfaction and support that can be used in future ad campaigns. Statements that will be manipulated to present a President who is universally beloved and who the people feel has been doing a great job.

They are not looking for thoughts from those who think that given their past performance this ticket does not deserve a second-term in office!

Whatever it is that the Obama-Biden campaign people creates from these comments, you can bet that to the critical eye it will be a work of carefully crafted fiction.

H/T Pundit Press

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama foreign policy and national security report card! You guessed it: Fail!

On this Memorial Day let's look past administration rhetoric to see just how well this President is doing in his primary job, that as commander-in-chief?

At this point in the Obama first term in the White House most readers have no doubt been confused by what it is that a president, or more specifically this President, actually does for a living.

Is being president all about spending time on the campaign trail, the fundraising trail, the cart path on a golf course, ceding responsibility for our national security and foreign policy to the United Nations or merely using the bully pulpit that is his to speechify on what it is that has supposedly been accomplished when the actual record shows otherwise?

Here is a short scorecard of just some of the foreign policy and national security "accomplishments" of the Obama administration!

Can the United States survive four more years of it?

Iran nuclear weapons program - The administration methodology for stopping this clear and present danger is to allow the United Nations to handle things while utilizing sanctions as our main weapon.

The end result is uranium enriched to weapons grade, two new nuclear plants planned and that country thumbing its nose in our faces.

Obama Grade: Fail

Syria slaughter of civilians - Yet another potentially destabilizing event in the Middle East while also presenting a humanitarian nightmare.

While President Obama was quick to act in the "Arab Spring" uprising in Egypt, what the Syrian people get is Obama administration rhetoric and a ceding of any solution to the slaughter that is taking place there to the feckless (to use John McCains's term) U.N. Security Council.

Obama Grade: Fail

Relations with Pakistan - As bad as they have ever been, this supposed ally of the United States is attempting to extort money from us for critical supply truck passage into Afghanistan and have recently tried and convicted the doctor who helped the U.S. locate and kill Osama bin Laden (after the Pakistani government was apparently harboring the worlds most wanted terrorist).

The solution is of course rhetoric from key Obama administration personnel that Pakistan needs to change its ways.

Obama Grade: Fail

Egypt elections - As discussed here previously the Obama administration rush to embrace the Tahrir Square uprising when the composition of the players was extremely suspect and the end result unknown and impossible to predict has resulted in a runoff election between a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a general from the old Egyptian military.

For the United States, the region and the people of Egypt this result that was helped in part by President Obama insistence that Mubarak step down immediately can only be described a lose-lose-lose!

Obama Grade: Fail 

While we may not know much about the actual school record of Barack Obama, this report card tells you everything you need to know when it comes time to vote in November!

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Society Check: The "Divorce Hotel and Reality Show": Couples check-in but they don't check out!

The perfect solution for American couples who need immediate gratification, their 15 minutes of fame and who have no problem laying it out there for all to see!

Remember those good old days when getting divorced, filing for bankruptcy or having your house foreclosed on were actually considered private matters with a little bit of a stigma attached?

In fact in some circles these occurrences made those involved feel like in some way they had failed at some aspect of life whether interpersonal or financial.

There has been, however, a not-so-subtle change in peoples thought process and outlook.

The financial crisis that began in 2008 has made the process of filing for bankruptcy or having your home foreclosed much easier for people to go through as we all understand that reversals of fortune can sometimes not be avoided.

On the relationship side we live in a society where people have access to every imaginable disposable product, so why not marriage as well? And nothing could have epitomized this trend better than the Kim Kardashian 72-day marriage that was more of a publicity stunt than union between two people.

The entertainment business has followed right along with these societal trends as the original afternoon shock TV shows like Jerry Springer have made way for prime-time reality shows that delve into some of the darker corners of our society. This includes such shows as Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives franchise, Hardcore Pawn and Repo Games that cast a casual light on behavior that is considered to be "normal".

Meet the newest concept, Divorce Hotel!

"’ stands for an easily accessible, affordable manner of getting a divorce, that is of high quality. Do you prefer the sharply priced traditional high-quality divorce at one of our offices in your own area or do you opt for the fast, but intensively guided hotel divorce in a single weekend?  We offer you an affordable 5 star divorce made-to-measure. Whether you wish to divorce together or without your partner, at a low hourly rate or for a fixed price, you are the one who determines the manner in which we can be for service to you!" (Source)

With the divorce rate being what it is, a seemingly never-ending pool of people willing to bare all being who they are, TV producers being what they are and luxury location hoteliers no doubt willing to put up their venues gratis for the publicity, a show like this should do very well in the United States.

If viewers have been all over the idiots of the Jersey Shore, how could something like "Divorce Hotel" miss as it will offer everything that the "thinking" TV viewer in the United States is looking for!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach, New York (Blue Angels video)

In honor of Memorial Day, a video of the Navy Blue Angels in action!

Just got back from the annual Memorial Day Air Show at Jones Beach, New York. If a military air show is not enough to stir your patriotic juices you just might not have any!

Navy Blue Angels

Previously recorded YouTube video


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Bill Clinton: It seems a leopard never changes its spots! (TMZ porn actress video interview)

Bill Clinton and his tryst with Monica Lewinsky is of course legend!

But as a former President the good times are definitely not over.

As Hillary travels the world as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, Bill travels the world and lives the good life along with his Secret Service detail, evidenced by this up close and personal photo of Clinton with two adult film actresses.

This picture was taken in Monaco, and the two actresses are Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee. Lee is not your average performer having won Best New Starlet and Most Outrageous Sex Scene at the 2012 AVN Awards.

"Reached in Monaco, where she created a firestorm by tweeting a picture of herself with Bill Clinton at a charity gala, porn star Brooklyn Lee says she ‘squeezed his abs’—and the former president ‘still has it." (Source)

So while Hillary is working hard trying to make Obama national security and foreign policy positions seem coherent and plausible, Bill is continuing to do what he does best. So why is it that his eye is always wandering? I have no idea!

TMZ video interview with the two actresses who tell their side of the story!

Video Source

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greece economic debacle: Et tu Spain?

Loose translation: Greece is on the brink, how about you Spain? 

Politicians, banks and regular people around the world are worried about the endgame for Greece and the impact or ripple effect a bad outcome there could have on some of the weaker Eurozone economies like Spain.

The fact of the matter is, however, that Spain is in trouble all on its own due to some of the same indiscretions as Greece, and a bad outcome in Greece might just accelerate conditions on the Iberian Peninsula (including Portugal) that would at some point have come to a head anyway.

An article at Global Economic Trend Analysis provides some of the grim details.

"Spain's Bankrupt Catalonia Region "Running Out of Options" to Refinance €13 Billion; Total Regional Needs are €50.7 Billion; Regions Want "Open Bar" with Central Bank Guarantees

The crisis in Spain is rapidly coming to a head. This crisis has nothing to do with Greek "contagion" as is widely believed. Spain dug this hole by itself. Spain's immediate unsolvable problems are a bankrupt banking system coupled with bankrupt regions that have no way to pay bills. Spain's regional governments need to roll €35.7 billion and there is current deficit of €15 billion..."

Read the rest of the article here.

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Egypt: Another BIG Obama foreign policy and national security failure!

Egypt Round 1 election results are in and the winners are....?

The "Arab Spring" in Egypt has turned into what will most likely be a summer of discontent and possible violence as the choice for leader will revolve around the Muslim Brotherhood and the prior Mubarak regime!

Remember how President Obama and the rest of the left fell over each other demanding that Mubarak step down so that the "Arab Spring" uprising could usher a new era of democracy into Egypt.

While it was an uprising of unknown composition, at the time the one assurance that we did have was that the Muslim Brotherhood would not attempt to become part of any new government.

Who gave us that assurance? Why the Muslim Brotherhood of course. Fast forward to the end of the first round of elections and what do we have?

We have a really bad choice for the people to make in round two between an Islamist government run by the Muslim Brotherhood candidate (Mohammed Morsi) and a return to the prior status quo through a military candidate (Ahmed Shafiq) who was a Mubarak ally.

Those supposed democracy seeking freedom fighters from Tahrir Square? They're out!

So if President Obama and his national security team could be so wrong on what for most was a fairly obvious call on Egypt, how comfortable should we be with them calling the shots on an even more obvious and dangerous situation surrounding Iran and its nuclear program?

President Obama is pretty darn sure that sanctions and diplomacy will do the trick in Iran even though uranium enriched to weapons grade has been found. Just like he was so sure that what is happening now in Egypt would never happen!

Remember in November that foreign policy and national security are key components to the job of president and this President has clearly shown that he is not up to the task!

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