Monday, April 30, 2012

Seattle is but one of the U.S. cities on high alert for OWS and May Day!

One of President Obama's favorite movements, OWS, has plans to strike at the heart of American cities on May Day!

The Presidents other favorite present-day radical movement is of course the Middle East "Arab Spring" but for today the focus will remain on May Day marches and protests around the United States.

Tuesdays activities have been called a holiday for the 99% by May Day organizers and an attempt to face-off against whoever it is that they consider the "man" or 1% of the citizenry to actually be.

The leaders call for the nebulous 99% of downtrodden Americans and non-Americans alike to "celebrate" the day by skipping work, ditching school and  avoiding shopping.

If we use the actions of prior OWS movements in cities across the nation as a guide for May Day, expect random acts of violence, vandalism, civil disobedience and a general disruption of life for others, most of whom are part of the 99% OWS claims to represent!

There will likely also be confrontations with the police whose actions in the course of doing their jobs will be filmed in snippets that can be taken out of context and manipulated solely for the purposes of OWS.

Yes, if the history of this movement so beloved by the likes of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi can be used as any guide then this May Day "holiday" has the potential to get ugly.

Just the way that former '60's radicals and Community Organizers like it!

The Seattle Mayor's Office and Puget Sound anarchists speak out!

Seattle Mayor's Office

Statement on May 1 Demonstrations

SEATTLE –On Tuesday, May 1, several organizations will be holding public demonstrations in Seattle. This will include an annual May Day March for Immigrant and Workers Rights from Judkins Park to downtown Seattle, an Occupy Seattle-sponsored General Strike, and rallies scheduled throughout the day at Westlake Park. The Seattle Department of Transportation advises that delays should be expected downtown during the Tuesday afternoon commute.

We also have evidence that other people may be coming to Seattle on Tuesday with the intention of using the public demonstrations as an opportunity to commit violence, damage property and disrupt peaceful free speech activity. There has been a significant increase in graffiti and posters alluding to violence around the May 1 events. Websites have described trainings in how to conceal weapons beneath signs and banners, and how to target police officers on horses. At a protest at the Port of Seattle in December 2011, several people used peaceful demonstrators as a shield to throw projectiles and incendiary devices at police officers.

Early Thursday morning an incendiary device was thrown at a bank in Columbia City. This was similar to an attack on a bank that took place in Portland late Wednesday night.

Seattle Police command staff and Mayor’s Office staff have been working with protest organizers, property owners, and other stakeholders to facilitate peaceful, constitutional demonstrations. Officers will respond appropriately to criminal acts and threats or harm directed against participants, non-participants, and property. (Source)

Puget Sound Anarchists

“…As for their concerns with people learning to defend themselves, this obviously would be a concern to a gang of crack-smoking, steroid-taking, wife-beating, murderous sociopaths who cannot stand to have their authority challenged for even a moment. The thought of thousands of people rising up against their arbitrary and disintegrating authority is enough to make them invent stories of secret cabals training in the dark. Oddly enough, this is something the SPD does routinely. All of their training and planning is done in secret, hidden from the public. During the meeting, Assistant Chief of Police Mike Sanford was clearly externalizing his own guilt and shame for overseeing a conspiratorial and corrupt organization that hides in the dark like a band of diseased pigs, constantly attempting to bury their own filth and outrun their legacy of drugs, lies, and murder…” (Source)

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