Friday, April 6, 2012

President Obama issues a call for Augusta National to become a public golf course!

Panderer-in-Chief tackles women, the Masters and Augusta National!

If you look hard enough opportunities to pander for votes are plentiful! And then sometimes you don't have to look at all!

In what can only be called the political equivalent of a basketball layup, President Obama has come out with the statement that women should be allowed to join and play at Augusta National, home of this weeks PGA and the Masters tournament.

The controversy over women and golf is coming to light now due in part to the fact that IBM is a sponsor of the Masters, the head of IBM is a woman and Augusta National doesn't allow women members.

A snub of Virginia Rometty of IBM would effectively end the tradition by which the head of sponsoring companies at the Masters are made honorary members of Augusta National.

But why not demand Augusta become a public course instead?

But why is the President wasting his time and effort addressing women and Augusta National, when no one place in America better exemplifies his hated 1% of the country's richest more than this enclave of privilege?

Wouldn't he be better served, in the spirit of pandering, to instead take this opportunity to call for legislation that would outlaw private golf clubs and mandate that they become public courses instead?

Now that is a cause that women, OWS and the 99%ers in America could all get behind. If many of them played golf that is!

The moral of the story for President Obama is that if you are going to pander for votes you may as well get your monies worth!

Full disclosure Mitt Romney has made the same demand but since he doesn't play nearly the same amount of golf as Barack Obama he does not possess the same level of golfing credibility.

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