Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NFL Draft picks and US Presidents sometimes work out and sometimes they don't!

In conjunction with the US presidential political silly season really kicking-off in earnest, tomorrow the silly season surrounding the NFL Draft will come to an end!

The Number 1 player to be picked tomorrow may not be much of a surprise, but jockeying for draft position for the rest of the players will finally be completed.

In anticipation, here's a look back at history for how Number 1's in the past have worked out.

US politics can be very similar to Number 1 Draft picks where some work out for the country while others, as in the current case, don't!

From, the analysis for the past 10 years (all 76 years here):

2002 David Carr

College: Fresno State
Team: Houston Texans
Career highlights: He's still playing in the NFL today so I guess there's a chance he could turn it around. Who am I kidding?
Bust: Yes

2003 Carson Palmer

College: USC
Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Career highlights: A very good quarterback that was cut down brutally during a playoff game. Has never been the same since that moment although this comeback with the Raiders may end up being successful for him.
Bust: No

2004 Eli Manning

College: Ole Miss
Team: San Diego Chargers (traded to New York Giants)
Career highlights: Although Eli doesn't have regular season success like his brother, he more than makes up for it in the playoffs. Two-time Super Bowl Champion and MVP.
Bust: No

2005 Alex Smith

College: Utah
Team: San Francisco 49ers
Career highlights: Before last year, the highlights were slim for Alex Smith and he was headed for "bust" territory. But he may have just been a late bloomer.
Bust: Verdict not in as of yet.

2006 Mario Williams

College: North Carolina State
Team: Houston Texans
Career highlights: Famously taken ahead of Reggie Bush, Williams has been a solid NFL player thus far in his career.
Bust: No

2007 JaMarcus Russell

College: LSU
Team: Oakland Raiders
Career highlights: Purple drank
Bust: LOL!

2008 Jake Long

College: Michigan
Team: Miami Dolphins
Career highlights: Has made the Pro Bowl in every single season and was a first team All Pro in 2010.
Bust: No

2009 Matthew Stafford

College: Georgia
Team: Detroit Lions
Career highlights: If last year's numbers are any indication, the Lions may have their first franchise quarterback since Bobby Layne.
Bust: Jury's still out.

2010 Sam Bradford

College: Oklahoma
Team: St. Louis Rams
Career highlights: Rookie of the year in 2010 but had an unremarkable 2011 season with some injuries.
Bust: Jury's still out.

2011 Cam Newton

College: Auburn
Team: Carolina Panthers
Career highlights: Arguably the greatest rookie season anybody has ever had regardless of sport. Is that enough hyperbole for you?
Bust: If Cam's career ended today, I'd still have a problem calling him a bust after his 2011 season. 

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