Thursday, April 26, 2012

Must-Watch Viral Video: "If I wanted America to Fail"

Produced by FreeMarketAmerica.Org, watching this video should be made mandatory for all Americans who have not yet been fully indoctrinated into liberal fantasy-world thinking!

Mandatory because Americans need to understand that the socialist tendencies of the current administration must be stopped.

That it's an imperative to keep those in power now from having the opportunity to finish the hatchet job on the American way of life they started by giving them a 2nd-term in office.

This video is therefore not for those on the left or right who for the most part have already made up their minds about who they will vote for in November.

No, this video is critical viewing for anyone who may be on the fence about the direction they want for the United States going forward.

If those people watch this video in its entirety it will go a long way towards providing the information needed to make the Right decision when entering the voting booth with the choice of pulling the lever for either Obama or Romney!

The correct choice is crystal clear!

 H/T Fox

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