Saturday, April 7, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood visits the Obama White House Wednesday and Israel hit by a missile out of Egypt Thursday!

While the article title is certainly not claiming any direct causal effect, the fact remains that a rocket hit Eilat, Israel that was reportedly fired from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt!

Note: "The Muslim Brotherhood enjoys a gracious welcome to the Obama White House Wednesday. More gracious than longtime friend and ally Israel has ever received at the Obama White House. They also left Washington with a release of $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt!"

That's right! A rocket fired at Israel only this time not from Gaza as has been the norm in the past, but from that new bastion of "democratic government" in the Middle East, Egypt.

The same Egypt that for many years had been at peace with Israel while being ruled by former leader Hosni Mubarak. The same country of "Arab Spring" fame, a popular uprising that President Obama insisted would result in a western-style form of government.

Predictably that did not happen, as the result instead has been that the Muslim Brotherhood is now steering Egypt. Steering it right in the direction of becoming an Islamic theocracy and a mortal threat to Israel!

You may ask yourself how President Obama, when issuing his urgent calls for Mubarak to step down, could possibly have know that this would be the result of the cries from the people of Egypt for their own version of "hope and change"?

Because everyone else knew and yet Obama wanted it to happen anyway. Very curious that this President could have been so wrong about a situation so dire!

Certain Americans (Obamatons, you know who you are) need to take note of how wrong this President has been on so many issues and be careful what they wish for in the upcoming presidential election!

Four more years of the Obama version of "hope and change" here in the United States would be as devastating to this country as his vision of hope and change in the Middle East has been!

In the meantime a new active front in the everyday war that Israel fights for the right to simply exist, Egypt, is now open.

While I am certainly not saying that this occurrence there could not have happened anyway even without the help of President Obama, he served as a "useful idiot" in expediting the process!

From, “A rocket fired from Egypt's Sinai desert hit a southern Israeli resort city early Thursday, police said, raising new concerns about militant activity in the mountainous peninsula. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Sinai was becoming a "terror zone."

No injuries were reported in the overnight strike against Eilat, a normally tranquil Red Sea vacation spot. Eilat is set to welcome thousands of visitors this weekend for the Passover holiday.

There was no immediately claim of responsibility, but Israel has been warning of growing lawlessness in Sinai following the Egyptian uprising last year that overthrew Hosni Mubarak's regime. Israeli officials say weak policing and difficult terrain may be turning the peninsula into the latest focus of Islamic militant activity, including al-Qaida, in the region.

"We are seeing now with Eilat that the Sinai Peninsula is turning into a terror zone," Netanyahu said. "We cannot grant immunity to terror, we must fight against it…" (Source)

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