Monday, April 16, 2012

The mess called EU; An economic primer!

As much as the central bankers and incumbent politicians desperately need us to believe that the globe is on the economic mend, the numbers don't lie!

You can't turn on a business show these days without hearing pundits, analysts and politicians banter about the state of the global economy.

Politicians and members of the media who are pulling for the party in office to stay in office will tell you that things are improving, while those on the outside trying to get in will tell you that they are not.

Sell-side analysts whose firms make their living through heavy trading volume and M&A activity will talk-up the economy and the markets while those who are on the buy-side will typically be more objective in their approach and opinions.

That said, Europe remains a mess and the U.S. is not far behind!

The bailout in Greece had taken center stage and now it's Spain and Italy although Greece is by no means out of the woods.

Many in America, consumed and distracted by economic problems here, are not that acutely aware of the precipice that some of the EU's largest economies find themselves on. Or that were they to go over the edge, the ripple effects would be felt globally!

Here then are some stories from sources I have grown to trust that need to be read and understood in order to put the volatility that we see and hear about into some kind of context. These stories won't provide any answers, only an understanding of the problems.

Massive Jump in Bank of Spain Borrowing from ECB: Bank of Spain Balance Sheet Shows Spain Deep in Trouble, LTRO is Essentially Useless at Global Economic Analysis

27 Statistics About The European Economic Crisis That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe at The Economic Collapse

European Economy Guide at The Big Picture

The Fed's Swap Bailout of the Eurozone at Mises Institute 

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